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Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Review

Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Review 1

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Review
Of the many fragrances now available from Ralph Lauren, Polo Green still occupies the top position and proves hard to dethrone. After all, this is perhaps the most distinct of them all. The character and the quality shows from the beginning, no matter how harsh, and reveals itself to be beautifully blended with the introduction of more green notes. To us, it is fresh, strong and versatile, although we’d advise to be careful with the application. One should also steer clear of wearing this on summers during which it could irritate.
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Scent transitions into a cleaner and clearer one after the sharp beginning
Performance is excellent on both skin and clothing
Can be used for dressing up and dressing down
We think its opening could surprise because it is loud and brash
Not great for warm weather because of its strength
Not a scent everyone would appreciate

Polo Green, also referred to as the original Polo fragrance from Ralph Lauren, has a special place in the hearts of fragrance lovers. It is so popular that even though it was introduced in 1978, Polo Green still remains in production today. The notes are mostly green, like its bottle, and spicy. Some of these are artemisia, basic, cumin, thyme, coriander, patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss. It was signed by Carlos Benaim.

Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Review 2

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