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Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade Review

Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade
Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade Review
It was a little difficult to spread the Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade throughout our hair, but once we were able to figure it out, we found that it does well for slicking back hair. It was said to adjust the hold strength depending how wet your hair is. We applied it onto damp, freshly showered hair and whilst there is a strong hold to it, it only lasted us a couple of hours. We tried to “re-activate” it after with some water and it worked for a bit, but our hair started drooping again within an hour.  However, it does provide a nice shine, as advertised, and it has a mild, sweet, watermelon scent. Overall, this product works but it is not as long lasting as we’d like it to be.
Value for Money
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Suitable for any hair type
Provides a strong hold
Gives hair a low shine
Water-based formula washes out easily
Mild watermelon scent
Clear color doesn't leave any strange tints after use
Only works well with specific hair styles
Hold doesn't last very long
Thick consistency

The Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade’s clear, water based formula washes out quite easily and doesn’t leave any strange tints in our hair. This pomade is sulfate and lanolin free and was not tested on animals. It also contains a slight watermelon fragrance, which we liked, but may be a bit too fruity to some, depending on their taste. This product is suitable for any hair type but only works well with certain hair styles like slick backs and side parts. It also isn’t for those seeking to achieve a natural look.

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