Let’s Celebrate Kylie Cosmetics’ Arrival at Ulta With A Rundown Of The Brand’s Best Items


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On one fateful day back in August when a tweet shocked and hyped whole beauty world. It was a tweet from makeup mogul Kylie Jenner announcing that her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, will be coming to Ulta Beauty around the holidays. And man, did all of us waited for the announcement of the official date.

Following that tweet were several Intagram story posts for Kylie Jenner herself for the details of the arrival of her brand to Ulta, including its official date and the products that will be available. So here we are, celebrating that most awaited day, November 17, 2018, when selected items from the global brand can be just a drive away to your nearest Ulta.

Lets-Celebrate-Kylie-Cosmetics-Arrival-at-Ulta-With-A-Rundown-Of-The-Brands-Best-Items-2 Lets-Celebrate-Kylie-Cosmetics-Arrival-at-Ulta-With-A-Rundown-Of-The-Brands-Best-Items-1

So to celebrate this momentous event in the modern beauty world, we deemed it apt to have a rundown of the best makeup items from the brand that we’ve come to love… and we’ve gotten addicted to.

The Burgundy Palette ($42)

The-Burgundy-Palette The-Burgundy-Palette-1

Buy: $42.00

This palette is a certified best-seller among the variety of eye shadow options because of the gorgeous warm tones with different finishes 3 shimmers, 5 mattes, and 1 satin. People swoon about the easily blendable formula with really vivid and long-wearing pigments.

Lip Liner In Iced Latte ($12)


Buy: $12.00

Kylie Cosmetics has rose up to fame with its lip kits, but many wanted the option to get the lip liners alone. So when the brand decided to offer their lip liners, a lot have come to get their own Lip Liner In Iced Latte that’s loved because of its magnetic nude deep brown shade. Quality-wise, it’s pigment and texture deliver well.

Blush In Barely Legal ($20)


Buy: $20.00

A lovely soft baby pink cheeks is what the Blush in shade “Barely Legal” will give you. But more than its hue, you’ll love its velvet-like creamy texture that you can have full control of—hence, allowing you to use the same blush for a sweet natural blush look or a vividly intense color on the cheeks.

The Sorta Sweet Palette Kyshadow ($42)

The-Sorta-Sweet-Palette-Kyshadow The-Sorta-Sweet-Palette-Kyshadow-1

Buy: $42.00

Kyshadows have been wonderfully received by fans and non-fans alike, because they just perform so well on use. This palette comes with 9 different shades of eye shadows ranging from metallics and mattes. Like the brand’s other palettes, this one is beautifully formulated for ease of use, great pigment quality and ability to stay on for long hours.

Skin Concealer ($20)


Buy: $20.00

Wait, Kylie Cosmetics has a concealer? If that’s a question in your head, then you’re in for a good kind of a surprise. The Skin Concealer by the brand is a product with wide-ranging shades (a total of 30) that can accommodate almost every kind of skin tone. This concealer works well in hiding imperfections, from redness and acne marks to black circles and dark spots. A gentle caution though—make sure to set this with a powder or it might crease!

In Love With The Koko Liquid Lip Kollection ($75)

In-Love-With-The-Koko-Liquid-Lip-Kollection In-Love-With-The-Koko-Liquid-Lip-Kollection-1

Buy: $40.00

Named after her sister Khloe, Kylie’s In Love With The Koko Liquid Lip Kollection is a great package that will give you one lip gloss and 3 liquid lipsticks. The formula, as in other famous lip liquids of the brand stays on the lips without budging at all. By buying these products together in one package, it can save you precious money. Love it already? We do, too!

The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder ($62)

The-Wet-Set-Pressed-Illuminating-Powder The-Wet-Set-Pressed-Illuminating-Powder-1

Buy: $62.00

Kylie got in on the bandwagon when cream-based products have risen in popularity. The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder is one of the major success of the move, with ethereal shades of champagne gold, pinky silver, rose gold, and silvery champagne. The soft but lovely shimmer of these highlighters result to a natural but utterly beautiful highlight.

Lip Kit In Posie K ($29)

Lip-Kit-In-Posie-K Lip-Kit-In-Posie-K-1

Buy: $29.00

We’re sure we don’t have to give a winding introduction to Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. So let’s delve into the Posie K right away, with a high popularity among makeup lovers and an award from Allure Magazine as the Best Bright Lipstick. This lip kit tried to resolve the earlier lip kit issues of drying out the lips, but we suggest you moisturize your lips before putting this on first.

The Royal Peach Palette ($45)

The-Royal-Peach-Palette The-Royal-Peach-Palette-1

Buy: $45.00

Adding 3 more eye shadows to the usual 9 from the others, The Royal Peach Palette has a stunning collection of peach-based shades, naturals, and one bright royal blue color. Such a mix of hues make it easy to create different looks, and with the blendability of these shadows, it’s even more enjoyable.

Well, that a fun rundown of the best makeup from the Kylie Cosmetics! Even if we would not be able to see them all in Ulta in the coming days, we’re sure to enjoy easing in into the full collection of the brand. And remember, if your favorite item isn’t on Ulta yet, you can get them from Check their availability first, of course, because they sure sell out fast!


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