A First for Victoria’s Secret: The “Fantasy Bra” Will Be Available For Purchase


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Every year, millions of viewers tune in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is a display of color and glitz, with models strutting in intricate lingeries and elaborate headdresses. The Fantasy Bra though is in a league of its own—usually worth millions of dollars, one lucky VS model gets chosen to wear the coveted piece each year. This time around, you can feel as honored as the lucky lady with the bra on, sans the million-dollar price tag and having to walk on the show that will be televised come December.

Wonder what we’re talking about? This year’s special lingerie dubbed the “Dream Angels Fantasy Bra”, will have a considerably less expensive counterpart, but not without the shine and glamour. This will mark the first time that the lingerie brand has made the Fantasy Bra publicly available ever since Claudia Schiffer wore the inaugural version in 1996, then called the “Million Dollar Miracle Bra”. Instead of being adorned by diamonds, the more affordable Dream Angels Fantasy Bra will be decorated with Swarovski crystals. How low will the price go exactly, you ask? The bra will be sold at $250. With the original priced at more or less a million, the lookalike but still lovely alternative will be quite a steal.


This year’s Fantasy Bra is noticeably simpler than its predecessors. It is bedazzled, just like the others, but not as busy in colors as you would expect. The “Dream Angels” is inspired by the 1990s, a decade that is finding itself revived by the industry, which is why the bedazzled undergarment has grunge undertones. The original is said to have been executed with 2,100 Swarovski diamonds and topaz that has been sourced through sustainable means, putting it at around a million-dollar mark, and made in no less than 930 hours. It’s an achievement to make something look so easy even when you have thousands of gems to set. But don’t get us wrong, just because the version with Swarovski crystals is cheaper does not mean that it is that underwhelming in comparison.

Swedish VS model Elsa Hosk is this year’s chosen beauty to wear the Fantasy Bra. Of the undergarment, Hosk says that it is just how she pictured a Fantasy Bra would be if she were given the tools to design it, that is, modern and cool. Hosk, who did not anticipate being picked this year, says that wearing the Fantasy Bra was just like magic—she’ll definitely have to thank Swarovski’s craftsmen who have worked meticulously on the piece for that.

The $250 Fantasy Bra will be sold a few days before the show airs on December 2. Beginning November 29, you can log on at the lingerie brand’s website and drop by its brick and mortar stores to pick up your very own sparkly bra, maybe even look at it in amazement while also watching the lingerie-clad models take turns on the catwalk. Not available for viewing until December, the fashion show was shot at least a month in advance at Pier 94, returning to New York after taping in Europe and Asia in the past years. Besides Elsa Hosk, the show will feature the Angels alongside the Hadid sisters, Josephine Skriver and Kendall Jenner. The Chainsmokers, Kelsea Ballerini, The Struts and Halsey reportedly performed at the biggest fashion show that will end this year with a bang.

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Image credits: Victoria’s Secret, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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