24 Best Watches for Fashionable Teenage-Watch-Enthusiasts Under $200

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Finding watches can be a challenge for teenage watch enthusiasts. Besides making decisions on design, younger horology fans are often limited by their lack of resources. Difficult as it may be, that is not a complete hindrance to finding the perfect timepiece that is appropriate for one’s age and budget. Stay with us because we’re just about to prove that with our list.

If you know where and when to look, you may just chance upon a deal that is too good to pass on. But today’s a treat—we’ve already rounded out some of our picks so you would not have to scour different websites just to find the watch that best speaks to you. Sure, the coveted ones are on the higher end of the spectrum, but there are choices that fall below $200 that can last you through many years with proper care and are in themselves already durable, as well as fashionable. Here are 24 watches, divided into two sections, that could start a lifelong fascination with timepieces among teenage boys.

Watches for Teenager Boys Under $100

  • FERRARI RedRev Evo Black Dial Watch


Buy: $195.00 $59.99 (69% off)

Even if you can’t afford a Ferrari just yet, nothing’s stopping you from putting the immediately identifiable logo on your wrist, especially when it can be bought at below $100. While you’re working through getting your first luxury car, have a try at this sports-inspired wristwatch that can signal to other people your interest, the yellow giving the visual representation of the excitement that comes with revving up an engine. 

  • CALVIN KLEIN Eager Chronograph Watch


Buy: $429.00 $69.99 (84% off)

This chronograph is perfect for the teen with a budding interest in horology. The dial is visually arresting without going overboard, and the timepiece impresses a casual vibe together with the strap. It’s unpretentious and age-appropriate, which are just what you’d like on a teenage watch regardless of the price range. 

  • A|X Armani Exchange Black IP AX2189


Buy: $180.00 $99.00 (44% off)

Ever wondered how an Armani suit would look like as a wristwatch? Probably not, but now that we’ve posed that question, you’d be interested to know that this is how it will turn out—masculine, sleek and elegant. You can maximize it as much as you’d like; the wristwatch is appropriate on both formal and casual occasions.

  • FOSSIL The Minimalist Black Satin Dial


Buy: $135.00 $85.87 (44% off)

Drawn to minimalist designs? This Fossil watch will impress. The dial has everything you need as Fossil did not skimp on the indexes to create a simple yet captivating watch. What’s more, the blue hand and numbers are striking; they really complement the jet black background.

  • LUCIEN PICCARD Silver Dial Moonphase Watch


Buy: $695.00 $69.99 (90% off)

Whoever said moonphase watches, good ones at that, can’t be found at under a $100 price range will end up eating their words. Well, it might be more difficult without this piece being on sale, but it remains a possibility especially when you’re as lucky as you are now. The dial is elegant as well as legible, although it can be a little busy. That won’t keep this watch from turning heads though, especially on the wrist of a teen watch aficionado.

  • Casio G Shock GA-700-7ACR Watch


Buy: $99.00 $90.89 (8% off)

This might be jumping on the bandwagon, but just because it’s popular does not mean we should discredit it for its pros. The watch is strong, beautiful and dependable; you won’t be caught unprepared and lost with a watch like this on your wrist.

  • GUESS U0674G2 Sporty Gold-Tone Blue Strap Buckle Watch


Buy: $135.00 $99.00 (25% off)

Blue might not be your choice of color for your first wristwatch, but Guess’s timepiece will make you reconsider staying off the color. The sporty watch  really shines in both blue and gold, and it is as sturdy as it looks. The functions that go beyond time-telling will prove handy especially when your’re crossing time zones on a gap year.

  • Diesel Master Chief DZ1206 Casual Watch


Buy: $140.00 $91.24 (35% off)

Diesel may be best known for its denim jeans, but you might as well forget that with this charmer of a watch. Despite many things going on on the dial, Diesel keeps it together with a design that works. The sheen of the leather straps looks rather nice; have this on for a more put together look.

  • Orient Flight Black Dial Black Leather Watch

Orient Flight Black Dial Black Leather Watch

Buy: $175.00 $64.99 (63% off)

Japanese watches, despite being some centuries late compared to their Swiss counterparts, is not one to be ignored. Through the years, they have made a reputation for being durable, reliable and beautiful at a fraction of the price of your fancier wristwatches. Experience the Japanese expertise early on with this Orient timepiece; the dial rests nicely on the wrist.

  • Invicta Aviator Leather Casual Watch (Model 22528)


Buy: $68.51

Invicta does not shy away from being bold on this particular watch. The numbers are big and pronounced, which is helpful when you’re flying planes, but it can also be handy even when you’re just on the passenger seat. The rich brown leather is lovely with the black dial. You’re ready to see more of the world with this one on.

  • Seiko SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Canvas Band Watch


Buy: $90.00

When speaking of Japanese brands, Seiko is the first to mind. The company has created a strong impression overseas, so much so that people are trying hard to get ahold of its exclusive releases through any means possible in its native Japan. This one does not face such difficulty in acquiring, but you’d still feel lucky as when you’ve stumbled upon a good deal that is also a classic-looking timepiece.

  • BOSS Orange Watch (Model: 1513380)


Buy: $86.25

Boss tries to appeal to a younger audience with its collection of watches, and this one is proof enough that it has what it takes to do so. It is a presence on the wrist partly because of its diameter larger than usual, but also because of its modern design and choice of colors.

Watches for Teenager Boys Between $100 to $200

  • MOVADO Museum Black Watch


Buy: $550.00 $174.99 (68% off)

Movado’s design is pretty much uniform across the board, but the classic Museum watch will attract attention especially among those who have a flair for design. The dial is intriguing because it has nothing than just the sun by noon, and it is flexible due to its minimalist style.

  • Nixon Corporal SS A346 100m Water


Buy: $200.00 $118.39 (41% off)

More masculine than most of the watches we have on the list, this Nixon piece is perfect when you’re at the cusp of manhood. The strong visual impact belies its manageable weight. The gold and shine do not go overboard just in case you’re afraid of being too showy.

  • Citizen Promaster Professional Diver Watch BN0151-09L


Buy: $295.00 $181.21 (39% off)

The choice of red for the hand may be odd, but somehow Citizen makes it work for this particular timepiece. Besides not worrying about when to wear this, you also would not have to think of batteries; the watch can sustain itself with sunshine alone.

  • Nautica N19508G Resin Silicone Watch


Buy: $132.35

Here is a timepiece that does not shy away from attention. The sporty design alone will generate attention, even perhaps some unwanted ones. It would be hard to let go of the gaze because there are plenty of things happening on the dial. Amazingly enough, it still remains legible.

  • Seiko 5 Automatic Diver Watch SNZF15


Buy: $325.00 $139.00 (57% off)

This Seiko piece bears a resemblance to a classic, more expensive watch—we won’t name which—and plays to its advantage the contrasting colors that pops out with the silver and the black. In case you need to confirm the date, all it takes is a single glance on the dial, and voila! Information is served.

  • Bulova Classic Automatic Grey Dial 98A187 Watch


Buy: $395.00 $185.65 (53% off)

If you have fancied timepieces that show the mechanism working underneath but just could not afford it (at least not yet), this Bulova is a good place to start. The peek works nicely with gold tone hands and markers. At 41mm, it sits comfortably regardless of the activity you’re engaging in.

  • Michael Kors Gareth Brown Watch MK8450


Buy: $114.50

Have a taste of relatively affordable luxury with Michael Kors‘ timepiece. Just like the label’s ready-to-wear, the design does not skimp on details. The combination of black and brown is riveting. The dimensions are also just right, especially for a teen.

  • Tissot Quickster Chronograph Watch – T095.417.36.057.01


Buy: $495.00 $169.99 (66% off)

Our Tissot pick is different in appearance compared to the rest in the list, and that might work to its advantage. Despite the dial only being at 42mm, the design makes it appear larger without it being uncomfortable on the wrist.  It is sporty and durable, the glass having sufficient protection from potential scratching.3

  • Orient FAC08004D0 Bambino Version 4 Automatic Blue Dial Watch


Buy: $260.00 $129.99 (50% off)

Regardless of the color you end up choosing, this Orient watch will gravitate people towards the wrist. The classic design is made more interesting with the shades that steer away from being solid. It also has decent enough water resistance capacity to protect it from moisture.

  • Tommy Hilfiger 1791062 Watch with Blue Silicone Band


Buy: $120.00

The nautical colors on this timepiece is as captivating as the blue of the sea, and yet, you would not find yourself lost because of the other details that keep the design grounded. The numbers and indexes may be too large for our liking and the case can carry some weight; the adjustable strap keeps things manageable however, at least for the latter.

  • Seiko Baby Monster SRP483 Orange Dial Automatic Watch


Buy: $350.00 $149.99 (57% off)

Baby Monster probably isn’t a name appealing for a teen canvassing his options for a first wristwatch, but that speaks more for its design rather than for its lack of impact. The orange alone will make you change your mind. The sporty appearance erases any misconceptions caused by the name.

  • Casio GW-9400-1CR Master-of-G Solar Watch


Buy: $194.00

Ending the list is this sleek G-Shock watch that is also solar-powered to boot. It is heavier than most of your options on this line, but the weight is not off-putting. You’re getting the most out of your money because of the many functions it offers, which include a compass, calendar and an alarm among others.


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