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Lavender Extreme by Tom Ford Review

Lavender Extreme by Tom Ford Review 1

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Lavender Extreme by Tom Ford Review
Lavender Extreme does not beat around the bush and bursts with a clear, lovely lavender upon the initial spritz. We are able to enjoy this for a couple of minutes before picking up notes of coumarin and violet. There is not much to notice here because Tom Ford has made it clear that lavender has the stage. The lavender weakens for us after a few hours however, and then becomes a skin scent. It’s not that bad—it takes some effort to take a whiff, but the lavender, no matter how faint, is still there after a few hours.
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The opening of lavender is fresh and utterly lovely
Wear time is impressive
Appropriate for wear anytime of the day
We have detected a slight hint of plastic
Becomes a skin scent after a few hours, hard to sniff unless skin is a few inches away from the nose

The intentions of Tom Ford with lavender is clear in the Lavender Extreme. This new fragrance is the result of the brand’s attempt to elevate the note into something more stimulating and fresh than what is previously seen. Such ambition had the house complement lavender with other notes such as tonka bean, violet, lemon and coumarin. It was released this April 2019 in two sizes: 50 ml and 250 ml.

Lavender Extreme by Tom Ford Review 2

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