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House of Dagmar Spring Summer 2019 Women’s Collection – Stockholm


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

The House of Dagmar was inspired by the 80s for their Spring 2019 line but touched upon two strong aesthetics of the said decade. Some looks harkened to Joan Collins’ iconic “Dynasty” character Alexis Carrington, whose strong-shouldered suits and 40s-style dressing were the definitive styles of the decade. The others were more inspired by “The Heathers” and “The Breakfast Club,” as confessed by co-designer of the brand, Kristina Tjäder. The first of the references came in the more tailored pieces, cut within the standards of the same decade but sleek and slick enough to evoke a more contemporary edge. Pairing them with their slinkier dresses also re-imagined the sexy sirens of the 80s that redefined female sexuality for their generation and the ones to come after. The knitted items, on the other hand, with their pastel hues, had the youthful element found in most of John Hughes films. They were prim but mischievous, very much like how they were worn in the past and how today’s youth style them in their own way. This was certainly a desirable offering from the emerging brand, but will today’s customers buy into looks of the past?

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Photo: Nazareth Blais / Courtesy of House of Dagmar

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