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Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Review

Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneakers Review

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Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneakers Review
Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Review
It it true, not everyone might be ready just yet to take on the sock sneaker trend. But with the ongoing hype that follows the sock-shoe concept, sneaker wearers may get used to the new shoe era of minimal, laceless knitted kicks. Thankfully, luxury brands like Fendi delivers sock sneakers that can offer endless styling options, thanks in large part to its sleek structure and polished finish. If you luckily get your hands in one, show yours off with cropped pants, straight blue jeans, or midi skirts.
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Undeniably becoming today’s most comfortable shoe trend, the knitted shoes or sock shoes is gaining immense following. Big athletic brands like Nike and Adidas first introduced this sock and shoe hybrid concept years ago with the launch of Nike Sock Racer, Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit, and Adidas NMD City Sock. Soon afterwards, high-end luxury brands joined the bandwagon and released their very own take on the knitted fabric shoes.

For designer brands, where style is of topmost importance, their products can only be either hot or flop. But with the celebrated creative director Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, you can expect Italian fashion house, Fendi, to not just deliver, but also make a powerful fashion statement out of its various garments and footwear. Such is the case when it launched its own reimagining of the current sock shoes trend with the release of Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneaker.

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Release Year: 2019
Retail Price:  US$950.00

There is no denying that the sock shoes have been on a steady rise in the market for the past few years. Fendi is one of the first luxury brands to take on the challenge of using new technology to manufacture this newest shoe innovation. In fact, in 2017, the fashion house released the Fendi Rockoko Sock Boots during its A/W 2017 collection. This 2018, Fendi expanded its sock shoes collection with the Rocko-Top Sock Sneakers, retailing at $880.


The Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneaker is taking center stage with its sleek design and bold colors while offering a cutting-edge take on the rising athleisure trend. Its lace-up styling at the center and dramatic, bouncy lugged sole adds to its contemporary flair. Completing the extremely modern look is the sock detail that features a ribbed edging and white double stripes. What’s more, made from flexible stretch-knit and perforated for ventilation, Fendi’s shoes is beyond comfortable.

One of the reasons knitted sneakers are gaining traction right now is also because of their easy-to-wear pull on style. No unnecessary fuss just to wear your shoes. Just pull it on and in no time, you can be out of the door and ready to take on the world. The Rocko-Top Sock Sneaker, aside from being easy to wear, also has a built-in liner and is ribbed at the cuff, making the shoe snugly fit to your foot. As such, you need not worry about it slipping from your ankle while you strut down your stuff. Plus, it is made in Italy. You can be sure it will last you a lifetime.


The Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneaker is stylish, yes, but it is a an example of a style-first footwear that does not intend to help its wearers, specifically, athletes, to perform. This athleisure inspired shoes are not built for running or any physically demanding activities. Unlike the sock shoes manufactured by athletic brands which feature supportive plastic cage on the midfoot to secure your feet, this shoes from Fendi is only good for high fashion purposes.

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