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Fendi Stretch-knit Sneakers Review

Fendi Stretch-knit Sneakers Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Fendi Stretch-knit Sneakers Review
Fendi Stretch-knit Sneakers Review
Fendi’s Stretch-knit sneakers are fashion sneakers; if you’re hunting for shoes to use while training, these aren’t it. But what they promise is Italian quality and style, comfort and versatility; they’re sure to turn heads while you have them on.
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Sock sneakers, or “snockers”, as some style magazines try to call them, are quite the craze right now. The shoes that make people question their tastes or the fashion industry can be seen everywhere, but most especially with celebrity tastemakers and social media influencers. They’re not exactly new but it was not until recently that they became fashionable and more widely accepted. As what is commonly observed in fashion, luxury houses couldn’t help but offer their take—while Balenciaga’s version is probably the most familiar, other maisons are unafraid to offer their own.

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Release date: Unspecified
Price: US$890

Italy’s Fendi is among those trying to compete for hypebeasts’ hearts. Its stretch-knit sneakers are set apart from most for offering not only a touch of luxury, but also quality and style not everyone could afford. The pull-on shoes are proudly made in the fashion capital. Besides the lovely knit, they also come with a rubber sole that measures about an inch.


If you want to jump on in the sock sneaker trend, opting for these Fendi babies is one way to make an impactful statement. These are Italian-made, and the claim implies unmatched quality and style. The Fendi Stretch-knit sneakers do not disappoint in the comfort department either, although that is the promise for many shoes of the same built. It is flexible without compromising the quality of fabric, which cannot be said for all the available options, and breathable, thanks to the perforations. Its built-in liner makes sure that they are snug on the feet. They’re true to size, but the ribbing also keeps the stretch-knit sneakers from sliding down. Complementing your skirts and jeans will be a non-issue, so you can rest easy if you pulled them on without much thought.


Other knitted options are engineered to accompany you while running or at the gym. Fendi’s Stretch-knit sneakers are not among them—these are fashion sneakers, after all. The price may be subject for consideration, especially when they’re pretty limited in what they can do for you outside outfit coordinating, although Fendi makes up for that in the quality of the materials.

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