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Mango Leather Sneakers Review

Mango Leather Sneakers Review

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Mango Leather Sneakers Review
Mango Leather Sneakers Review
Mango’s leather sneakers are good alternatives for clean and simple kicks because of the cheaper price tag and the design that does not deviate from other similar footwear. They work with most clothes, but it may take a while before you'd want to take them out because of the time needed for breaking in.
Value for Money

The world’s luxury brands may house some of the garments that shape the world of fashion, but not everyone has the time or access to them. When that is a problem, male and female fashion seekers alike resort to stores like Mango to give them the next best thing: apparel that are in season and all available in a single stop to its stores. The fashion destination named after the the delicious fruit has had its successes and dips, but in the decades since its inception, it has not failed to give its shoppers their much needed fashion fix. If you’re going for active or casual, there is a wide array of apparel, accessories and footwear available. With the rise of sneakers as your everyday shoes, Mango has not lagged behind, offering a variety of kicks for all tastes and sizes, starting with their leather sneakers.

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With the prevalence of clean-lined sneakers in the market, the iteration from Mango’s best selling point is its price. Design-wise, there is not much difference between Mango’s leather sneakers and other more sought out brands, so if you’re strapped on cash but still want to go for neat kicks, Mango is among your better options. They are very easy to style, working with most casual picks for clothes. If you’re the type that can easily get your kicks dirty, Mango’s leather sneakers are also ideal as they are easy to clean (or you can leave them as is if you want to, intentionally dirty sneakers are getting their fair share of the fashion limelight). The quality of the leather and the rubber sole is good for the price, so this pair could last you a few wears.


The ubiquity of the design is both an advantage and a con. If you’re copping these leather sneakers, there is nothing new to expect from them except that they can deliver as promised. The leather can feel stiff too in the beginning, making breaking in a painful must for your feet before you can truly revel in your brand new sneakers.

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