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Eau Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani Review

Eau Pour Homme by Armani Review 1

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Eau Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani Review
Armani fans will find a treat with the Eau Pour Homme, original or otherwise. It is light and bright, while still being very classy. We’re picking up green lemon and bergamot in the initial whiff, which will soon give way to a slight sweetness and plenty of warmth courtesy of the florals. The woodsy notes, while seemingly diluted compared to the original, will leave a memorable impression despite not being loud. It is safe for use in the workplace, in case you are thinking of picking one up.
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Scent is light and refreshing, warm and soft
Notes are undetectable for the most part
Feels intimate but actually leaves a trail
We feel that the reformulation has become less dense compared to the original
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Eau Pour Homme is one of the touted Armani classics in the fragrance department—originally released in 1984, it was reformulated within the last decade to comply with industry standards. Created by Roger Pellegrino, it generates a subtle surprise because it is not as heavy as one may imagine at first. Original ingredients are listed as being bergamot, mandarin, green lemon, citrus leaf, orange blossom, lavender, coriander, clove, cinnamon, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and oakmoss.

Eau Pour Homme by Armani Review 2

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