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Corum Admiral 45 Skeleton Watch Review

Corum Admiral 45 Skeleton Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Corum Admiral 45 Skeleton Watch Review
Corum Admiral 45 Skeleton Watch Review
Timepieces are often such mysterious luxury items. At times, they can be beguiling and can equal the beauty of jewelry and haute couture. Yet at other times, they can look plain but have such innovative functions that their prestige equals those that are beautifully designed. And then there’s Corum’s Admiral 45 Skeleton, a timepiece where the design is almost completely-stripped back, offering the client the truest foundations of the watch. By presenting the most essential parts of the timepiece to the forefront, this also makes for a prestigious luxury item to purchase.
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The luxury watch client’s taste has certainly changed through the years. Before, it was all about the timepiece’s aesthetics and how beautiful it looked on the wrist or held through a chain. Afterwards, clients preferred watched that were filled with innovative functions and durable enough for any sort of activity. Today, one of the hottest types of timepieces in the industry is the skeleton watches—ones where the inner workings can be seen. Among many of such, Corum’s Admiral 45 Skeleton is easy to single out against the rest of its kind.

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Release date: March 2018
Price when reviewed: $11,500

Introduced last March during Baselworld 2018, the new Admiral model is one of the latest and most talked-about releases from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. Since it’s a special edition piece, the timepiece only has about 288 pieces in existence, priced at a staggering $11,500 per piece. It’s one of the many watches released this 2018 whose price reached the thousands mark, meaning it must be a very special timepiece.


  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistant: 300 meters
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Frequency: 4 Hz
  • Strap: Alligator leather
  • Buckle: Triple-blade folding clasp


As customers want more transparency with the items they pay thousands of dollars for, Corum’s Admiral 45 Skeleton watch has this and more. The beautiful dials of the famous model have been taken out and all the screws, bolts, and the innovative functions of the timepiece are revealed to the clients. Despite such, Corum was still able to enthuse an interesting design detail to still incorporate an eye-catching aesthetic. Offered in various colorways, from seaside turquoise, sunny yellow, to fiery red, this new Admiral model still has a lot of glamour up its sleeve.


It’s relatively appropriate to describe the new Admiral 45 Skeleton watch as a niche timepiece as it is one that won’t garner interest from a generally-wide consumer audience. Especially with its highly-complicated face and functions, the watch requires owners and wearer who have the capacity and patience to understand such a piece. This isn’t one of those luxury timepieces where it’s obviously beautiful and can easily tell the time. The luxury here relies on its complexities and technological advancements.

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