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Adidas Ultra Boost Review

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Buy Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes + Review - Updated 1
Adidas Ultra Boost Review
So, are the Adidas UltraBoost Shoes worthy of the rave it has been enjoying over the past three to four years? Heck, yeah. You are guaranteed to have one of the best running experiences with these fresh kicks. Marked with highly responsive and individualized mid-soles, durable materials, and very attractive appearance, it is no surprise that this specific sneakers model has not only been stealing hearts and money, but also delivering true performance and comfort. Even with the high price point, the Adidas UltraBoost is surely worth the investment.
Value for Money

If you haven’t noticed, the market today is filled with too many products. A quick scan at the mall and you see one store after another. A quick visit to an online marketplace and you see brands listed on a drop-down list (or a sidebar) waiting to be clicked and explored. There are so many options competing for your attention so it is definitely something when a particular product sticks into people’s minds—just like the Adidas UltraBoost Shoes.

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Release date: February 11, 2015
Price: US$180.00

The Adidas UltraBoost is definitely one of the German brand’s most popular sneakers. Dubbed as “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever,” these kicks attract people from all walks of life—celebrities, runners, sneakerheads, stylists, you name it, they got it. The UltraBoost model was first released in 2015 and Adidas has since released iterations every year and is currently on its fourth, proving that even with its relatively high price point, it is a well-desired pair of dope sneakers.


The main selling point of the Adidas UltraBoost is no doubt the comfort and style that never fail to impress. By geniously combining sports-driven technology with easy to pair aesthetic, these kicks are hands down one of the most versatile and functional sneakers that have shaken up the running shoes world to date. Using  innovative materials, the UltraBoost has a sock-like fit that easily and dynamically molds according to the shape of your foot as you run or move throughout the day. The model also has an energy-boosting cushioning, as well as a supportive mid-cage and robust heel counter for a secure, pillow-like fit.

Architecture-wise, it comes in an attractive, almost iconic silhouette, and colors that you can effortlessly pair with practically anything you have in the closet. Because of its overall adaptability and durability, the UltraBoost is a go-to choice for running and casual days of many.


As with any other product, in particular, sneakers out there, not everyone is going to be pleased. Even with the majorly positive feedback it has received, the Adidas UltraBoost did have its own share of not-so-nice comments. The expensive price is one. The fit being a bit small and narrow for some feet is another.

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