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Adidas Dame 4 x Bape Sneakers Review

Adidas Dame 4 x Bape Sneakers Review

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Adidas Dame 4 x Bape Sneakers Review
Adidas Dame 4 x Bape Sneakers Review
Playing sports doesn’t have to be an unfashionable activity. Especially with sneakers like the Adidas Dame 4 x Bape, inspired by the NBA’s newest rising stars and style influencers, Damian Lillard. The basketball player's love for fashion and self-expression is evident in the fourth installment of his sneaker collaboration with Adidas and Bape, with its mix of a variety of elements that make them pop both on and off the court. Camouflage print, fascinating laces, and Bapes’ WGM logo are just some of the designs one can expect from this new and exciting shoe.
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When one thinks of style icons, it’s rare that athletes spring to mind. Through the years, however, a lot of sports superstars have dabbled into the world of high fashion and have become influential in the industry. They’ve even bridged a gap between the two fields, creating a new market that has since become one of the most lucrative in all of the retail business. Among today’s most fashionable athletes is Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers star point guard, who just released his 4th Adidas sneakers.

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Release Date: February 17, 2018

Similarly to his other releases, the new shoes debuted at a limited release in early February. They were introduced to sneakerheads and the fashion crowd during an exclusive two-day event in Los Angeles, California. On February 17, 2018, the new pair finally became available for public purchase on Adidas’ online website. It’s sold on limited edition, and each pair costs $150. Adidas Dame 4 x BAPE is also available in almost all Adidas stores worldwide.


At only 27 years old, Damian Lillard is one the NBA’s youngest new superstars, so it’s only befitting that his show line with Adidas reflects his youth. The Adidas Dame 4 x BAPE is one of the line’s most youthful-looking products yet with its signature sleek shapes and an exciting interplay of colors, prints, and patterns. Since the pair is also a collaboration between Adidas and BAPE, it also features the Japanese fashion brand’s signature military camouflage print, offered in either the classic green or in different colors such as red, purple, and black.


Athletes are known to be some of the physically-strongest people in the world, and a lot of their fashion collaborations, particularly sneakers, exemplify that. The Adidas Dame 4 x BAPE is a different story, as it displays mostly personality than endurance. With such a thin silhouette, the pair is great for the sport but does not look as strong. Other NBA player sneaker collaborations all have dominating silhouettes and strong materials to reflect the power of the athlete behind the shoe. This pair, however, seems to focus more on the namesake’s youth and charm rather than his athletic strength.

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