8 Designer Men’s Skinny Jeans that Look Stunningly Awesome

8 Designer Men’s Skinny Jeans that Look Stunningly Awesome

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Finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans for you is not that easy. But once you’ve seen them, never let them go.

People got mixed thoughts about skinny jeans. Some love the body-hugging denim fit that’s certainly a fashion statement that would never be taken down in the history of trending wears. However, a lot of people hate it simply because it’s hard to find one that perfectly fits them, like how Cinderella’s foot perfectly fits the glass shoe.

You don’t have to hate skinny jeans anymore! We did the hard part for you–we chose what would look best for any style. Here’s our list of 8 designer men’s skinny jeans that look stunningly awesome:

  1. DIESEL BLACK GOLD skinny jeans

DIESEL BLACK GOLD skinny jeans

Price: US$302.00
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Channel your inner action star with this skinny jean from Diesel Black Gold. With its black cotton material and faded gray design, you’ll surely be in rank with Hollywood’s top action stars!

  1. DIOR HOMME ripped skinny jeans

DIOR HOMME ripped skinny jeans

Price: US$1,200.00
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Searching for skinny jeans you can wear on any occasion? Try out this ripped skinny jeans weaved by Dior Homme. Made up of a refined black cotton-blend, this piece shows off a mid rise style that is ultra-comfortable. You can style it with a flashy belt through the loops along its waistband. With its unique but subtle creative details, this pair can glam you up for corporate events or on your rugged nights!

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA Stretch Classic Fit jeans

DOLCE & GABBANA Stretch Classic Fit jeans

Price: US$400.00
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Daring to wear a lighter hue? Do it all the way with these white stretch classic fit jeans from Dolce & Gabbana. Its tight fit won’t make you uncomfortable even for a bit, as the soft cotton blend fabric feels extremely soft and cozy on the skin.

  1. DONDUP George jeans

DONDUP George jeans

Price: US$336.00
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Casual is the middle name of this next jeans on our list. These Dondup George jeans achieved a semi-rugged look with the subtle distressed details on its pure denim material, great for everyday use. The jean depicts the cool trendy guy look, without the over-the-top features.

  1. DSQUARED2 skinny cropped jeans

DSQUARED2 skinny cropped jeans

Price: US$680.00
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Just like the previous jeans, these skinny cropped jeans designed by Dsquared2 is meant for daily wear. The simple and faint rugged-look in these blue cotton-blend cropped jeans create the appealing look of the piece.  The pair’s mid rise cut is enough to let the folded cuff reach just right above the ankles, a fashion trend that intensifies your hip and cool aura.

  1. FEAR OF GOD paint splash skinny jeans

FEAR OF GOD paint splash skinny jeans

Price: US$1,195.00
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Nothing reflects a “cool dude vibe” more than the awesome design of these skinny jeans. Fear of God created the design to mimic white paint splashes all over the legs, blending into a purely bleached cuff for a gorgeous complementary piece to your white sneakers. Wear these and maybe you’ll wake up to the disbelief that a mere mortal was responsible for creating this kind of art!

  1. LOEWE bleached jeans

LOEWE bleached jeans

Price: US$521.00
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Who would expect that a messed-up paint can turn into a work of art? These bleached jeans from Loewe stands out even when you are in a crowd, giving off an abstract feel with the fashionable design. This piece looks up-to-the-minute, even when cuffed or worn in its full length.

  1. PHILIPP PLEIN skull plaque skinny jeans

PHILIPP PLEIN skull plaque skinny jeans

Price: US$498.00
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This piece is the perfect jack of all trades jeans, and by that we mean–you can literally use it anywhere and everywhere without looking cheap! This over-the-top black cotton skull designed skinny jeans from Philipp Plein caters a waistband with belt loops, a zip fly, a five pocket design, and a silver-tone skull logo that you can wear when you’re going to an important meeting, or just hanging with your friends at the club.

Not all skinny jeans are equally made. Some designs don’t match the taste of the wearer, while some doesn’t look quite fitting to its user. However, skinny jeans have a charm to them that captures a man’s fashionable character, as well as the swag of a cool guy. Our tip for finding the perfect skinny jeans for you: get something that blend into any look and be a bit daring to choose those with up-to-date designs and features.

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