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Tom Ford Retro Running Shoes Review

Tom Ford Retro Running Sneakers 1

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Tom Ford Retro Running Sneakers 1
Tom Ford Retro Running Shoes Review
Tom Ford has created a luxury brand true to the 21st century. Its menswear offerings are impeccable and his sneakers line follows the same meticulous process as its dress shoes, ensuring quality and style. Some may argue that it is ridiculous to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair that looks exactly like its athletic brand counterparts. However, it should be noted that the quality of designer sneakers are unparalleled and tends to look more refined than mass-market products.
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A new era in fashion is finally dawning upon us where high-end, designer sneakers can now be a crucial part of the everyday formal menswear wardrobe. Sure, there are still some who are not yet ready to step up their formal routine by pairing their suits with upscale rubber-soled shoes. But we are happy, nonetheless, that quite a number of gentlemen are now opting for some casual kicks while in the office. Some brave souls, they are, I tell you.

If you are one of them who wishes to let your trusty wingtips rest for a while, then you will be happy to know that internationally acclaimed American designer Tom Ford, and his eponymous brand, recently added a new shoeline in his high-end footwear – sneakers. The brand, known for its impeccable tailoring and luxe style, is now offering the world some perfectly polished sneakers and retro inspired runners. With these newest addition to his brand that features jacquard dress shoes and leather loafers, Tom Ford expands his offerings, allowing men the chance to dress their suits down a little bit. With this in mind, his Tom Ford Retro Running Sneakers, surely is a hit.

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Release Date: Spring 2018
Retail Price: US$890.00

Tom Ford first released his leather sneakers with rubber sole during his autumn/winter 2014 collection. The following year, tennis sneakers made of canvas, suede and calfskin leather were released. To add to his growing sneakers line, the brand updated his signature silhouette with the release of the Retro Running Sneakers for his Spring 2018 collection. The shoes retail at $890.


Just like his finely tailored suits, the brand’s Retro Running Sneakers are of highest quality. Made of nylon upper, suede, and premium leather, you can be sure that the shoes will last you longer compared to athletic brand sneakers. It will not even look a bit ragged after a couple of weeks’ use. That is the power of this high-end designer sneakers. Its refined aesthetics is amplified by the Italian craftsmanship it underwent, making it both stylish and durable.

More than that, this pair of designer sneakers, featured in different vibrant color tones, can make your casual wear a bit more polished than usual. On the other hand, when paired with a respectable suit, the Retro Running Sneakers, with its contrasting white laces, can amp up your look and add a splash of character. Plus, your feet will thank you later for the comfort it will provide.


On the pricier side of the spectrum, the Ford Retro Running Sneakers may be a tad expensive for other people who are looking for a dressier alternative from their regular sneakers. Some may opt for athletic brands that offer almost the same style for more than half the price. Also, dress sneakers may not be for everyone, especially for those who are still afraid to experiment on their formal wear.

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