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New Balance 247v1 Sneakers Review

New Balance 247v1 Sneakers Review

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New Balance 247v1 Sneakers Review
New Balance 247v1 Sneakers Review
Although they’re off-trend nowadays, one can’t deny how attractive sleek sneakers are. Their sophisticated look and versatile aesthetics make them the perfect pair to wear on any occasion. One look at New Balance’s 247v1 sneakers is enough to understand such a sensation. Understated yet completely refined and modern, this pair makes for a stunning and valuable addition to anyone’s sneaker collection.
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Sneakers are generally known for their chunky silhouettes. Air Jordan shoes, for example, is always jam-packed with numerous features that contribute to its bulky shape. As streetwear became the talk of the town in recent years, chunky sneakers have become extremely on-trend. They’re usually the most talked about pairs among the premier brands’ newest releases, as well as the most photographed and hyped on social media. However, there are brands that still favor sleeker sports shoes, quite like New Balance with their 247v1 pair.

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Release date: December 2016
Prices: $119 (retail price) $69 (marked-down price)

New Balance debuted their 247v1 silhouette back in December of 2016. The model was initially limited edition with only 247 pairs made in existence. Because of the pair’s success, however, the American shoe brand subsequently released the 247v1 as part of their official range. Through the years, the model has seen countless iterations and colorways and is now one of New Balance’s most popular products. They sell at $119 but a marked-down price will have them at only $69.


As the ugly sneaker trend, with all its chunky glory, dominates streetwear today, New Balance went against the tide with their sleek 247v1 sneakers. Fitted to perfection, the shoes are constructed and tailored to embrace the feet, with little to no bulkiness. They’re also offered in various fabrications, some of which adds to the luxury with the likes of suede, premium leather, and knit. In recent years, New Balance has also offered several variations and colorways to the 247v1, proving their increasing popularity.


The thing about bulky sneakers is that one already knows how durable they are. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about New Balance’s 247v1 sneakers. Their sleek silhouette may be a product to state-of-the-art construction and craftsmanship, but their overall durability remains to be seen. Add to the fact that the shoes are made up of different fabrications, all of which make for complex stitching that may not be strong enough when worn during athletic endeavors.

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