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The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4 Review

The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4 Review

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The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4 Review
The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4 Review
No matter how you look at it, wearing The Broken Arm x Salmon XT-4 instantly elevates any look, transforming your ensemble from boring to Wow. Whether you plan to use it on difficult trails/hikes or occasional urban escapades, the XT-4 is a fresh pair of kicks that delivers not only literal sunshine into your active lifestyle, but also impeccable, pillow-like softness that leaves your feet dry, protected, and pampered. Time to up your sneakers game and The Broken Arm x Salmon XT-4 is a masterpiece you don’t want to miss.
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Looking at fashion as an art offers a whole different perspective. More than pieces of fabrics, cuts of materials, or sets of resources, fashion can be seen as a form of expression, of a particular thought in time, of an inspired imagination molded into reality. Sneakers started out as an article of clothing that merely supports, keeping people’s feet wrapped around in comfort while doing vigorous activities. Style has never been considered until recent times.

Today, sneakers are more than that, delivering not only functionality, but also a means to express oneself, from lifestyles to attitudes, from personalities to dreams. A model recently made available today fabulously combined the hiker/trail trend with playful visions of color and character—The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4.

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Release date: May 2018
Price: US$185.00+

Crafted from the collaboration of French sports equipment manufacturing company, Salomon, and French lifestyle concept store, The Broken Arm, the XT-4 is a follow through from 2017’s Wing Pro 2. While both sneakers are induced with all the right features for a comfy hike, the XT-4 effortlessly boasts a bolder appearance and personality. With a mid-range tag price, spending bucks for a pair of gorgeous and functional sneakers is definitely worth it.


The Broken Arm x Salomon XT-4 is a luxurious pair of sneakers for all you active people out there. Luxurious, not in the sense of price, but genuine comfort, robustness, and elegance. Flawlessly dynamic, the XT-4 features a vibrant green to orange hue, from the heels to the toe. It is accented with white rubber soles and black linings, toning down the already bright, fluorescent colors.

Branding wise, it has a Salomon tag on the sides and a “Salomon LAB” on the toe and tongue, for a nice, unique touch. When it comes to functionality, these kicks are not lacking. EVA midsole adorns the inside, Quicklace system conveniently marks the outside, and of course, Web traction Contragrip offers protection and ease of movement.


The main difference of the 2018 collab sneakers from the 2017 is the lively colors that effortlessly give the kicks character. However, this same defining feature can also be the primary cause of avoidance simply because not everyone is inclined to sport a pair of sneakers that are as attention-grabbing as these ones.

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