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Cos Lace-Up Canvas Review

Cos Lace-Up Canvas Sneaker Review

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Cos Lace-Up Canvas Sneaker Review
Cos Lace-Up Canvas Review
These simple sneakers from Cos are a great deal for the price, affording you versatility when it comes to your outfits. They’re sufficiently padded for comfort and protection, and are good options if you need to give your go-to sneakers a break.
Value for Money

Oftentimes, we’re swayed by fast fashion. The OOTDs on Instagram and the like push us to shop for trendier clothes that are only hip for a moment, burying not-so-old clothes under a pile of last season garments that we don’t know when we would use again. The desire to keep up can hurt the pocket (and is not good for the environment) that soon enough, we might find ourselves in a space almost similar to a hoarder’s as well as burned out. And yet, the antidotes are within reach. What’s one, you ask? For us, keeping wardrobe staples that work in more ways than one is among them.

When you’ve had enough of H&M, you don’t have to go far to change your shopping habits. Its classier sister company, Cos, has been the destination for men and women who seek good design in modern garments that would still be in style through the seasons. The Swedish company does not envision itself as pushing for trends but instead bringing options that mix high fashion with good quality and value. Their tendency for clean lines and minimalist design does not only show in their shirts, pants and dresses, but also in their sneakers, such as the Cos lace-up canvas sneakers we’re checking today.

Release Date & Price

Release Year: 2017
Price: US$79.00


There’s no fuss in the Cos lace-up sneakers. Made of textured cotton canvas, the shoes are sleek and clean save for the accents in the metal eyelets, appealing to minimalists. The straightforward design gives you flexibility with almost anything from your wardrobe, and makes for decent back-up kicks should you need one. They come with rubber soles that are thick enough to protect your feet, and the package is completed with its full lining, padding as well as thick sock liner, making them comfortable. With its attractive price tag, these Cos sneakers are alternatives to other neat yet significantly more expensive offerings from other brands.


You may get them instantly with the price tag that you don’t want to pass up, but these Cos sneakers require some time for breaking in. You may find the material slightly stiffer at first, although this will feel softer after a few tries. They usually run a half or one size larger, so get a pair above your regular size. Good alternatives as they may be, these Cos lace-ups aren’t the best option for people with wide feet.

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