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Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Review

Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review
Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Review
Pops of color are welcome in any wardrobe, of course, but the versatility of black makes the Puma x En Noir IGNITE evoKNIT a very desirable pair despite the cosmetic details and its sock-lined nature. The evoKNIT that guarantees strength and flexibility and the IGNITE that takes care of rebound justify the price, in addition to the very sleek look courtesy of En Noir.
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Different shades and hues may claim to be the new black, but the intriguing color is difficult to displace. For one, the appeal never seems to go away; many people are just drawn to the straightforward elegance of black. It is arguably the most versatile too, finding a place in most events with varying degrees of formality. The choice of an all-black colorway for Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit is not hard to like, even without learning the reason behind En Noir’s Rob Garcia’s pick. Equipped with Puma’s evoKNIT technology and IGNITE EVA foam, the collab fills another spot among the few functional but vogue sneakers in the market.

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Although less hyped than other sneakers manufacturers, Puma is going toe-to-toe with more prominent brands in terms of features in their kicks. The evoKNIT is among the recent introductions and has been seen in releases prior to this collab. So far, it has proved itself to be at par with other premium knits. En Noir takes advantage of this in pushing forth a strong-looking pair inspired by the night. The shoes are stitched with “Carpe Noctem”, reflecting Garcia and his team’s work schedule as well as the ability to create provoking pieces in the night.


The collab between Puma and En Noir may be among the boldest and most handsome sock-lined sneakers there are. The shoes kept in all black has a strong image and keeps the fine details looking classy. Without knowing all the particulars, the appearance can easily hog all the attention among stylish shoppers, but Puma’s new technology, the evoKNIT, takes the crown as the shoes’ best feature. The material that rivals other brands’ versions is not only flexible and light, it is durable and supportive too, which means that the shoes can feel like second skin without the knit’s ability to be stretched being compromised. The tight weave even has the benefit of not allowing water to completely soak your feet should you be unlucky enough to find yourself in the rain. The IGNITE foam also plays a part in the shoes’ desirability as it provides energy return to the wearer.


This is a good-looking pair, as we’ve already established earlier, but the fact remains that sock-lined sneakers still tend to be divisive. Moreover, options for wider feet are wanting, and at US$180, these sneakers are quite expensive.

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Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 2 Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 3 Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 4 Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 5 Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 6 Puma x En Noir Ignite EvoKnit Sneakers Review 7Image credits: Puma (featured image and article images), Highsnobiety, Martin Gillman, EU Kicks (article images)

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