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On the Radar: Disney x Coach Items to Grab

On the Radar - Disney x Coach Items to Grab - Featured Image

Earlier this year, we’ve been all eyes for a collab between Disney and Coach, following the former’s much anticipated partnerships with other fashion brands. And grabbing a bag, or just about any piece, was not as easy as anyone would have anticipated—stocks quickly ran out, which was not at all surprising. We were told, though, that it would not be the last of the collection, and this fall, the two American companies deliver. We’ve got a fresh set of Minnie Mouse-inspired items, and we cannot be any more excited.

Part of what makes the team-up special is that Coach’s Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, is a Disney guy himself, adding a layer of an authenticity to what may otherwise be seen as just an attempt to sell. The opportunity to put the Mickeys and Minnies was not something that just fell on the designer’s lap, as he actively pursued that the beloved company be featured on Coach. Previously, iconic characters from Disney’s many films were only referenced in Coach’s selection of items. Finally, the dream became reality a few years earlier when the label earned the appropriate licensing and released an exclusive Mickey collection.

The focus on Minnie this year just seems timely considering how the lady was given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January (which, by the way, is 40 years late compared to Mickey). In the design of the items, Vevers took careful consideration of Minnie’s style, which is commonly associated with the shades and hues of red as well as the abundance of polka dots. He incorporated these when he dressed up Minnie and her partner as well as in the items that sold out quickly, while giving it a more modern, polished and chic finish to appeal to an audience who has inevitably updated their preferences.

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The Disney power couple undeniably has a pull that lasted for decades, but the items are mostly marketed to younger consumers who are showing more willingness to invest in the pricier but high quality items. And the buys do not necessarily have to be purchased for the sole purpose of functionality; they can have some sprinkle of fun, too. Truly, the move to mix luxury and childhood dreams courtesy of Disney has been working if we are basing off of sales. Moreover, it also proves that you do not have to completely let go of childhood loves to be in style as an adult.

The fall collection of Disney and Coach features must-have accessories in the form of bags, wallets, charms, and stickers. They are relatively more accessible in terms of price, especially when compared to previous batches, a development that plenty of Disney fans would appreciate. Available at Macys, Coach and ShopDisney, the items will only be available for a limited period of time. Make the holidays come a little earlier in October by grabbing some of the Disney x Coach cuties sure to brighten the day of the child that still lives in you.

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