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It’s A Wrap: Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month

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The Fashion Month is now behind us, and all four venues—New York, London, Milan, Paris—have had their own share of memorable shows. Some provided a form of escape from the unpleasant headlines that were in everyone’s minds and mouths, while others emphasized the issues even more and pushed their own statements through fashion. Inspiration from the recent past seemed to be prominent all throughout, often taken not only in a modern fashion but also to brighter and bolder heights. The abundance of significant presentations proved it difficult to choose, but there were some which will still be talked about even as new seasons begin. Here are some of our most memorable picks from the recently concluded series of fashion weeks:


It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 1

Jonathan Anderson stays true to the Loewe code, which means comfortable fit and lovely flow, and the sense of sophistication is heightened with the clothes being paraded against a backdrop made by three remarkable artists inside the UNESCO Heritage building. The bags and carryalls also stole the show, and were made in a variety of materials such as leather and canvas, all made to refine its consumers’ getup.

Simone Rocha

It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 2

Simone Rocha can be described as mystical and worldly, dark and rich. For Spring, the Irish designer decided to explore her Chinese heritage, her clothes inspired by the elaborately dressed concubines of the Tang dynasty as well as the Qingming, which could be thought of as among the Asian counterparts of the Day of the Dead. The result was a collection that appeared vintage and transcendent, but also felt very familiar.

Paco Rabanne

It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 3

The vibe invoked by Julien Dossena’s Paco Rabanne collection is not unlike many who have gunned for a retro look. But the label’s showcase is made more special by the confidence and finesse that each piece exuded. The garments were tailored for getting away, but the dresses, shirts and checks are done without haste.


It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 4

Rodarte comeback was met with torrential rain, but that did not faze the label one bit, even while surrounded by gravestones in New York and with the eerie feeling the combination has exhibited. Instead, what it has done is even escalate the intensity of the presentation, filled with frills, colors and big silhouettes that were feminine and masculine at the same time.

Dries Van Noten

It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 5

Designers might be clamoring for attention from younger luxury buyers, but Dries Van Noten goes the opposite direction by trying to appeal to women with more life experience, and succeeding at it. The collection, which places itself as among the label’s most memorable in its history, has been filled with smart, wearable options that would still lend wearers extra sophistication.


It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 6

Karl Lagerfeld presentation over in Paris had everyone wishing they were on the beach, the toes warm in the sand while still being chic. The clothes that seem to be right from the label founder’s book of what a Parisian woman should wear fit right in with the beachy imagery of Chanel, complete with water and sand.

Prabal Gurung

It’s A Wrap Memorable Shows From the Fashion Month 7

Diversity and inclusiveness have taken center stage during the Fashion Month, and in many ways we’ve had a win, although there are still many areas for improvement. Prabal Gurung runway is such a case, with its representation of 40 different countries. The models walked with garments inspired by the designer’s different sojourns, all colorful and beautiful.

Image credits: Getty Images, AITOR ROSAS SUNE/WWD, GIOVANNI GIANNONI/WWD, Imaxtree, Americana Manhasset

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