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Moda Operandi 2019 Review

Moda Operandi home page screenshot on March 26, 2019

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Moda Operandi 2019 Review
Moda Operandi is an online global destination that shines brighter than others, especially as it offers excellent curation of high-fashion items and designer pieces. The main concept of the shopping site is to let people order whatever they love off the runways straight from fashion week. The e-commerce website also offers bespoke access, another reason for men and women all over the globe to deem it one of their favorite luxury fashion platform.
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Moda Operandi is set apart by its unique offer that allows its clientele to pre-order different pieces and looks for next season, directly after seeing the, in the runway. This enables a real “engagement” and connection between the buyer and luxury fashion. For those who want pieces right away, they also have “boutique” pieces that are in-season, curated professionally by experts in the fashion industry. In short, with Moda Operandi, buyers can easily have a feel of being part of the fashion week, with them getting exclusive pieces that are just about to be launched.

Their website is an experience in itself as well, making browsing and shopping more enjoyable for their customers. Exclusive items from premier fashion houses are presented in a highly editorialized manner, and highly prized pieces of topnotch ready-to-wear, fine jewelry, and leather goods can be purchased smoothly and without a hassle.

The only comment we’ve seen and heard from some customers are the longer delivery periods for Moda Operandi’s pieces. This is definitely acceptable for pre-order pieces, but as reported, it seems to happen to items that are in stock as well.

Truly, there aren’t any other fashion shopping website like Moda Operandi, which has quite a name in the luxury retail sector. It now has an assortment of highly sought designers and a great customer base, plus an ever growing support for the amazing and innovative way it has changed online shopping.

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How to Use Moda Operandi Promo codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Moda Operandi
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area below the price.
  5. Click ‘APPLY’ to get your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Moda Operandi

Introduction to Moda Operandi

Whether you’re in Milan, Paris, London, or New York Fashion Week, or probably at home, watching from your television on your side of the world, we know you aspire to be that girl, strutting your way down that pavement, wearing those pieces of clothing like the boss that you are. We feel you, girl.

Upon further daydreaming, you must ponder, Why do fashion designers create clothing pieces that they don’t sell at shops? This question must have lingered in your mind once or a couple of times when we see outlandish, yet voguish, clothes worn by catwalk models in fashion shows. Here’s a fact: Brands and designers do sell those eccentric clothes in clothing shops, just not the regular shops.

In general, fashion brands and designers spend a huge amount of money on fashion shows for the publicity and prestige. Fashion events such as these set the tone for the global fashion trends and put ingenious designers on the fashion map.

Now, if there is one thing better than watching a runway show, other than being part of it, it is getting your first dibs on that piece of clothing before anyone else does, right after the show ends. Imagine being able to pre-order the best of the next-season’s looks you’ve set your eyes on in the runway. That is what’s being offered by Moda Operandi, the first online luxury fashion retailer that makes straight-from-the-runway collections accessible to its clients.

Modern Day Couturier

Before the existence of fashion shows, couturiers of the past visit the luxurious homes of upper-class women and brought their creations with them to offer the ladies tailor-fitted garments exhibiting the latest fashion trends of their time. Fashion retailers then realized the concept of fashion shows, and found it a more convenient way to showcase their creations to their market clients through runways. The customers, however, were not as lucky to find an equally convenient way to get their hands on exclusive and trend-setting clothes. Not until Moda Operandi opened its doors to the world, promising to provide a highly editorialized and personalized shopping experience through their online luxury clothing shop.

Through the Moda Operandi site, opulent and stylish women from around the world may place their orders right after runway shows. This lets the clients pre-order carefully curated pieces immediately, long before they officially hit retail stores (which may take at least six months of impatient waiting).

Moda Operandi is the brainchild of Aslaugh Magnusdottir and was co-founded with Lauren Santo Domingo in 2011. The site boasts its very own trunk show where fashion pieces fresh from the runways, including pieces that never make it to physical retail stores, are featured and are readily available for pre-order. After placing a 50% deposit, the designer will then prioritize and immediately work on the chosen design. Afterwards, voila!, the piece, flawlessly made and tailor-fit, will be delivered right at your doorstep.

The site’s wide-range of collections also include the finest jewelries, the most intricate haute couture, even including the most luxe leather products.

Unique Features

With the company’s fresh-off-the-runway offerings, plus its unique take on personal styling, Moda Operandi takes the luxury shopping experience a notch higher. The site’s connoisseur of personal stylists are exactly what any impressive shopper needs – attentive, has expert styling advice, and has an eye to detail. These stylists consistently give fashion recommendations that reflect their years of experience and immaculate fashion views, ensuring that every client receive only the great wardrobe styling the high-class consumers deserve.

Also known to the fashion world as a champion of emerging and talented designers, it is no surprise that Moda Operandi recently launched The Platform—a space dedicated to highlighting the up-and-coming designers deserving of the spotlight. This effort helps the company’s clienteles meet promising brands and new favourite designs that were specifically picked by the site’s fashionable editors and expert stylists. The most sophisticated and stylish shoppers, which happen to be the site’s frequent customers, are of course inclined to discover emerging talents with design ideas that are equally classy and fresh. The Platform, indeed, proves to be worthy and necessary.

Four brilliant designers, with their fashion-forward elite pieces, were introduced simultaneously with the launch of The Platform. Among the featured designers include Yeon Park and her eponymous clothing line; the New York based label Markarian; a budding yet highly-anticipated London based brand Eleanor Balfour; and womenswear and accessories line Lake Studio from Ukraine. The site made use of compelling and in-depth storytelling as a clever way of introducing these designers to the company’s clients, allowing the shoppers to meet and experience the brands, the designers, and their bespoke merchandise.

For those who do not have the luxury of time, Moda Operandi also features an in-house boutique where in-season fashion pieces are easily accessible and are ready to be purchased/shipped immediately.

Contribution to Runway Fashion

More than offering convenience, Moda Operandi so far, has changed the runway business. It made it possible for anyone who has the means to purchase secure couture pieces which has long been exclusive to people who have personal access to the designers. Now, the glitz and the glamor of haute couture is only a click away. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and start living that glam life we’ve all been dreaming of.

Moda Operandi catalog page screenshot on March 26, 2019Moda Operandi product page screenshot on March 26, 2019

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