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Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Review

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Review
We can’t get enough of Jack Black and their Charcoal Body Bar. It smells divine and gently exfoliates our skin, leaving it super soft and hydrated. The addition of charcoal effectively absorbed any gross odors we amassed throughout the day. What we loved the most about the bar were the massaging nubs, but we were disappointed to find that they pretty much disappear after a week or so. We also had an issue with the soap leaving residue in the shower, but considering how great this is, it’s really not such a huge bother. What’s unfortunate though is how pricey one bar is, so we’ll just be saving this sort of thing for special occasions.
Value for Money
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Gently exfoliates
Absorbs odor and impurities
Smells great
Massaging nubs dissolve quickly
Leaves Charcoal residue in the shower

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar is a Glycerin based bar soap Infused with odor absorbing Charcoal and scrubbing Jojoba Beads to provide a deep clean whilst hydrating the skin. Unfortunately, this soap is on the pricey side and it’s way too much to be using this everyday. It’s perfect for the occasional splurge or a gift to your fellow bar soap aficionado.

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