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JSlides Ayla Dad Sneakers Review

J/Slides Ayla Dad Sneakers Review

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J/Slides Ayla Dad Sneakers Review
JSlides Ayla Dad Sneakers Review
Dads are having quite a moment in fashion right now as their style is finally being appreciated. The humble yet pragmatic father fashions are all the rage now among the youth, who seem to find it novel to wear what is usually seen as drab and uncool. In this environment, J/Slide seized the opportunity and released their Ayla Dad sneakers to an astounding social media success. Just goes to show that sometimes, a plain shoe is all one needs to succeed in a business as fickle as luxury fashion
Value for Money

Dads aren’t usually the best style icons to follow. As lovable as they are as parents, they’re not often the best-dressed members of the family, nor do their style choices usually reflect today’s hottest trends. But their wardrobe is always classic and comfortable, which may be the reason why some brands are starting to appreciate the “Dad-style” and making it cool for hipper and trendier consumer audiences. In fact, J/Slides’ Ayla Dad sneakers have become quite a game changer for the brand.

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Release date: Early 2018
Prices: $155 (Normal price) $77.50 (Sale price)

This 90’s-inspired shoe was released in early 2018 as part of their annual collection. The model even gained its own social media following, with style influencers and social media celebrities posting photos of themselves wearing the pair. Each pair has a retail price of $155, but when it’s on sale, the price lowers to just $77.50.


The trainers are all about its fabrication more than anything else. J/Slides’ Ayla Dad sneakers boast a beautiful mix of leather, suede, and mesh, intricately constructed to fit any feet to perfection. Similar to the 90’s shoes that inspired this pair, it’s also a heavily-athletic and undoubtedly durable shoe. One can wear it to any athletic endeavor, and because of its rocker bottom that is loaded with rubber, it’s sure to be extremely functional.


Design-wise, the shoes are as plain as one can get for a luxury item. Although it’s a mix of different high-quality materials, the construction was geared more for the comfort and durability of the shoe rather than how it looks. J/Slides Ayla Dad sneakers look like any other pair of sneakers out there, only with better fabrications. The pair does not have any exciting details that will draw customers’ eyes. It’s one of those shoes that will attract a customer through hearsay than through simple store display.

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