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Fight the Cold This Winter With These 30 Designer Sweaters

Fight the Cold This Winter With These 7 Designer Sweaters - Featured Image

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Winter is coming and that means shifting your wardrobe to winter clothes. Just when you think you cannot be any stylish during the freezing season, you are wrong. The winter or cold season is not an excuse not to be fashionable. There are many ways, stylish and fun, to stay warm even as the temperature drops. One easy way to do so is by sporting your favorite sweaters. There are different types of sweaters that vary according to material, style, and size. The glaring differences are important inconsideration of the temperature and function. For women, here are seven sweaters you should invest on if you are afraid of the extreme cold.

Our Favorite Designer Sweaters

  1. Chloe Merino Attractive Wool and Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Sweater

Chloe Merino Attractive Wool and Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Sweater

Price: US$1,850.00
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First seen at Chloe’s Pre-Autumn 2017 collection, this turtleneck sweater is an instant favorite for its multicolored features, which will put colors to the snowy or gloomy weather. It is inspired by some films in the 70s; hence the textured yellow, sky blue, and oatmeal herringbone pattern. The sweater is finished with ribbed trims. Made from wool and cashmere blend, this and the tight fitting on the wrists, the sweater will absolutely keep you warm.

  1. Stella McCartney Women’s Fabulous Fringed Ribbed Cashmere and Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater

Stella McCartney Women’s Fabulous Fringed Ribbed Cashmere and Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater 

Price: US$547.50
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When battling out extreme cold, going oversized is a big help. Speaking of oversized sweaters, consider investing this stylish and fashion-forward fringed turtleneck piece from Stella McCartney. Available in the neutral hue of oatmeal, the sweater is ribbed from the huge turtleneck portion down to the bodice. On the sleeves down the cuffs, this piece is embellished with hand-finished fringes that add energy to it. The combination of cashmere and wool makes the sweater smooth and cozy.

  1. Mansur Gavriel Cable Knit Wonderful Wool Turtleneck Sweater

Mansur Gavriel Cable Knit Wonderful Wool Turtleneck Sweater

Price: US$495.00
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Investing in a sweater means finding something that you can wear over again. This Mansur Gavriel sweater falls into the category for its functionality. You can wear it as it is or over a shirt or as a second layer before a coat, more so since the sweater comes in navy blue. Made in Italy, the sweater is cable-knit wool and designed with cuffed edges and hems. The turtleneck features adds a warmer feeling to the wearer. This sweater is so versatile you can wear it casually with jeans and sneakers or to the office in trousers and heels.

  1. The Row Lilla Lovely Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

The Row Lilla Lovely Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

Price: US$1,350.00
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The winter or cold season can sometimes be tricky for some people. Walking in sandals and dresses is not a good idea, and so others end up troubled about what to wear to work. Well, The Row has the answer. For times like this, it’s great to have the Lilla cashmere sweater in the closet. This sweater is in beige and designed with ribbed trims and a dropped shoulder seam. It is minimalist, yet very sophisticated. The loose fit of the sweater allows you to wear a button down underneath. Moreover, Lilla feels luxurious and cozy being tailored from pure cashmere.

  1. Moncler Cozy Two-Tone Cable-Knit Sweater

Moncler Cozy Two-Tone Cable-Knit Sweater

Price: US$1,195.00
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It is love at first sight with this gorgeous two-tone sweater from Moncler. Fashioned from a combination of gray and cream cable-knit materials, this piece takes a modern take on getting warm and cozy. The material is a combination of alpaca, wool, and mohair. Majority of the sweater is in gray and the other side is cream with a split asymmetric hem that makes the sweater uber stylish. Moreover, it has ribbed hems that helps block the cold breeze from getting in.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized Ribbed Wool Turtleneck Red Sweater

Balenciaga Oversized Ribbed Wool Turtleneck Red Sweater

Price: US$1,150.00
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As if a red sweater is not hot enough, this Balenciaga oversized sweater takes it to another level of hotness. The sweater comes in hot red and cut in exaggerated proportions for a loose fit.  The turtleneck feature is relatively bigger than others, which is ideal for extreme cold. The sweater is ribbed and carefully knitted from wool. It has ties draping at the sides to make it appear like it was undone or disentangled from the hem. You can wear it showing off its oversized features or tuck it in your pants and skirt, and finishing off with your favorite boots.

  1. The Row Violina Alluring Oversized Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

The Row Violina Alluring Oversized Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Price: US$1,074.00
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A reflection of the label’s founders, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s style, this Violina sweater is screams of minimalism and elegance. Made from cashmere material, this off-white sweater from The Row features a soft and cozy ribbed detailing to an oversized silhouette. It has dropped and relaxed shoulders and wide bell sleeves. It is such a gorgeous and comfortable piece you would want to slip it on everyday. Go street style and pair it with a skirt or jeans.

With all these sweaters available in the market, you will no longer have to worry about what to wear in the duration of this cold and winter season. These sweaters are versatile enough to match your own style preference.

Burberry Sweaters

  1. BURBERRY cashmere cable knit yoke sweater

BURBERRY cashmere cable knit yoke sweater

Price: US$672.00
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This time is a cause for celebration because of the refreshing sunshine that we haven’t seen in months, and any occasion like this calls for a pop of red. This cashmere cable knit sweater covers you up in a crew neck, rounded by braid and ribbed details, long sleeves, and buttoned cuffs. 

  1. BURBERRY Ribbed intarsia-knit sweater

BURBERRY Ribbed intarsia-knit sweater

Price: US$995.00
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This ribbed intarsia-knit sweater is a feast for the eyes. There’s the illusion of an off-the-shoulder corset silhouette in a solid black color as the rest of the sleeves and loose turtleneck are pronounced with a busy print featuring a variety of colors. 

  1. BURBERRY patchwork sweater

BURBERRY patchwork sweater

Price: US$855.00
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Since the primary color trend came to be, we’re betting you’ve incorporated some color into your wardrobe. This sweater is a delightful addition to that, as it mimics the playfulness of a DIY look with its patchwork design. It features some signature colors associated with Burberry’s luxurious palette and new colors and prints. 

  1. BURBERRY Iowa oversized striped wool and cashmere-blend sweater

BURBERRY Iowa oversized striped wool and cashmere-blend sweater

Price: US$980.00
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The Iowa sweater is the epitome of a cozy sweater with its oversized fit, cashmere and wool-blend fabric, and light cream color. It goes well with your street hip hop-themed outfits with the navy and red sporty stripes on the sleeves. 

  1. BURBERRY cashmere cable knit yoke sweater

BURBERRY cashmere cable knit yoke sweater-2

Price: US$672.00
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This black sweater is the simpler, more discreet yet sleek version of the bright red cashmere cable knit yoke sweater. It still has the round neckline texturized details, albeit more camouflaged with the knit fabric and the cuff buttons are almost not noticeable at all if not for their gloss and the panel of check peeking through. 

  1. BURBERRY Printed checked merino wool sweater

BURBERRY Printed checked merino wool sweater

Price: US$690.00
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Only Burberry can doodle scribbles over their own signature check print and still make it look high fashion. What’s more interesting is that this classic tan, red, and black print marred with white scribbles was first created using crayons, a testament to how great design doesn’t have to always come from the most complicated means. 

  1. BURBERRY check detail sweater

BURBERRY check detail sweater

Price: US$377.00
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High fashion isn’t always showy. This sweater sets an example with the common tan sweater construction. You’d think the ribbed neckline, shoulders, and hems are all there is to it, but a discreet white check detail is partly hidden at the sides. 

  1. BURBERRY Intarsia wool-blend sweater

BURBERRY Intarsia wool-blend sweater

Price: US$1,095.00
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This intarsia wool-blend sweater reminds us of our sweaters from childhood that also used the brightest of colors and arranged them in a similar houndstooth-looking print. The busy print is balanced out by the black round neckline and thick hems. 

  1. BURBERRY Cashmere sweater

BURBERRY Cashmere sweater

Price: US$495.00
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There’s something endearing about the millennial pink trend, but its popularity gives this bright pink hue a whole new vibe for women’s clothes. If before this would be too shabby for a luxurious sweater, now it looks sweet and delicate with the ribbed and pointillé details.

Alexander McQueen Sweaters

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN skull print sweatshirt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN skull print sweatshirt

Price: US$720.00
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For a simple yet edgy look, try on this red cotton printed sweatshirt from Alexander McQueen. The skull print of this sweater is great for women who loves funky rock and roll style with the designer print in Gothic font. Perfect for lounging or even on a little chilly night when you go out the streets for some fish and chips.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Embellished embroidered wool sweater

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Embellished embroidered wool sweater

Price: US$1,785.00
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This Alexander McQueen embellished embroidered black wool sweater will make you feel like royalty. It is adorned by colorful light-catching crystals and gold thread embroidery that are really stunning on its black wool material. Pair yours layered over a white oxford shirt, black leather trousers or A-line knee-length shirt, and black chunky boots for an awesome streetwear look.

  1. McQ – Alexander McQueen Lace Patched Hoodie

McQ - Alexander McQueen Lace Patched Hoodie

Price: US$335.00
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No wonder Alexander McQueen is known for his fashion forward designs and innovation on basic pieces such as this lace patched hoodie. This basic off-white hoodie is accented by eyelets on one side that is held together by a shoelace and a white lace patch in front. Dare to be different in this hoodie, ankle boots and cropped trousers or even a pair of ripped jeans.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Zip Sleeve Wool Argyle Sweater

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Zip Sleeve Wool Argyle Sweater

Price: US$1,445.00
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This wool argyle sweater from Alexander McQueen will make you stand out with its zipped sleeves and hem. Pair it with a pair of black leggings and white sneakers for an everyday comfy style.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Love wreath print sweatshirt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Love wreath print sweatshirt

Price: US$620.00
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Add this Alexander McQueen love wreath print sweatshirt in black cotton fabric to your wardrobe. This is one piece that you can wear just about anywhere. Best paired with a pleated skirt and ankle boots for a preppy yet relaxed style. You can even layer it with a white poplin shirt for a real trendy garb.

  1. Alexander McQueen Crewneck Long-Sleeve Tweed Peplum Cardigan Sweater

Alexander McQueenCrewneck Long-Sleeve Tweed Peplum Cardigan Sweater

Price: US$2,095.00
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You will absolutely look pretty and stunning in this crewneck cardigan wool blend sweater with blue skinny cropped jeans and leather pumps. The peplum cut on the waistline which is trimmed with ruffles adds a sexy silhouette to your already exquisite figure. Wear it when you go out with friends for movie or coffee.

  1. McQ – Alexander McQueen Small Swallow Flare Sleeve Pullover

McQ - Alexander McQueen Small Swallow Flare Sleeve Pullover

Price: US$350.00
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This McQ Alexander McQueen swallow print viscose blend pullover will keep you warm and looking chic with its interesting flare sleeves that add a bit of flair to this otherwise basic piece. Onlookers will admire you for your impeccable fashion style for sure when you pair this with skin tight leather jeans and black slip on shoes.

  1. McQ Alexander McQueen Black & Pink Glitch Bunny Classic Hoodie

McQ Alexander McQueen Black & Pink Glitch Bunny Classic Hoodie

Price: US$350.00
Out of stock

Rock the night away in this black cotton bunny print hoodie from McQ Alexander McQueen. The black and pink bunny print adds a vintage feel and look to this basic hoodie. Wear it with a black mini skirt and leather ankle boots for a rugged and casual vibe. Also perfect with ripped jeans or joggers for days when you go for sleepovers or running errands for the home.

  1. McQ Alexander McQueen Boyfriend Hoodie w/ Crystal Detail

McQ Alexander McQueen Boyfriend Hoodie w: Crystal Detail

Price: US$335.00
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This boyfriend grey cotton hoodie from McQ Alexander McQueen absolutely looks cozy and warm. The crystal detail in front adds a feminine touch to this unisex looking piece. Pair it with its matching sweatpants with laces down the front and white designer sneakers. Although this piece is real pretty and needs to be shown off, the comfy look and feel of this hoodie just makes you just want to snuggle at home with a cup of cocoa on a rainy day.

Balenciaga Cardigans and Sweaters

  1. Balenciaga One-shoulder distressed striped wool-blend turtleneck sweater

Balenciaga One-shoulder distressed striped wool-blend turtleneck sweater

Price: US$1,095.00
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Balenciaga has a playful take at the turtleneck sweater with this one, removing sleeves and a bit more fabric, and having fun with lines and accents. The wool-blend sweater uses the stripes to create more depth and the loose fabric allows the garment to show a little more skin. Gold-tone buttons on the shoulder can unfastened to do more of the latter. The fastening at the hem makes the turtleneck seem to be a gift we can tie and unfasten with pleasure. With everything in place, it’s easy to understand why the turtleneck has caught our attention when it first previewed on the runway.

  1. Balenciaga Bal Draped Sweater

Balenciaga Bal Draped Sweater

Price: US$1,050.00
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Combat the cold with glitters by getting yourself this draped sweater from Balenciaga. The metallic silver lurex will brighten the mood despite what the sun decides for to do for the day. With the oversized structure, the fabric will give you more form that you can experiment with. The tie can be left as is or knotted depending on the mood. The long sleeves will cover more of you and the jersey fabric underneath will also lend some more of its warmth for the chillier days.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized draped ribbed cashmere-blend cardigan

Balenciaga Oversized draped ribbed cashmere-blend cardigan

Price: US$1,645.00
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Indulge yourself with luxurious cashmere, courtesy of this gray oversized cardigan. The fabric is ribbed, making it easier to move around, while its mid-weight knit gives more warmth as you wear it.  For maximum impact, get one that is a size larger as it is intended to be worn very loosely. The sweater also goes way below the torso, with fabric that seems to have been ruined thanks to the loose cashmere and the wavy hem, giving the impression that the wearer’s sweater was stuck and yanked away from in a car door but still strutting like a boss.

  1. Balenciaga Long Sleeve V Neck sweater

Balenciaga Long Sleeve V Neck sweater

Price: US$1,295.00
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Draw yourself the right attention with this romantic red sweater from Balenciaga. The heavyweight ribbed fisherman stitch construction simultaneously makes the sweater more flexible and slimming. There is more freedom in what to do with the V-neckline too—leaving it as is or stretched beyond the shoulders give either a more more practical or carefree vibe. The styling options are plentiful in this luxe Balenciaga sweater from the brand’s Resort18 collection, which seems to encourage embracing the unruly style of its designs.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized Lurex cardigan

Balenciaga Oversized Lurex cardigan

Price: US$1,295.00
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This is actually a reprise from  Demna Gvasalia‘s debut streetwear collection for Fall ’16, that everyone in high fashion truly loved. Be one with the glistening stars at night with this glittery cardigan from Balenciaga. The lurex helps achieve a serious, romantic and somewhat laid-back air all at once, with the looseness adding to the desired effect. Evenings will be more relaxing even if you are high-strung, thanks to the droopy shoulders.  The knit is mid-weight, making the fabric feel more secure around your body.

  1. Balenciaga Jacquard Logo V Neck sweater

Balenciaga Jacquard Logo V Neck sweater

Price: US$950.00
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Besides its designs that are larger than life, Balenciaga is also famous for its unabashed promotion of its name. This sweater is printed with the company moniker all over, giving a nod to high fashion with this oversized sweater that is as luxurious as it is comfortable. The black text in the gray knit looks simple and striking at the same time, and the loose fit is similar to structures more opted for men.

  1. Balenciaga Embroidered stretch wool and cashmere-blend sweater

Balenciaga Embroidered stretch wool and cashmere-blend sweater

Price: US$1,150.00
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Jump on the fashion bandwagon with loose and one-size-larger garments that’s a sure hit this season. It’s hard to miss the branding on this opulent wool and cashmere-blend sweater when it’s placed right where the chest should be. If you want to be a little inventive, you can use thickness of the sweater to provide a nice and playful contrast to an airy, flowy skirt similar to the picture.

  1. Balenciaga Black ‘BB’ Hoodie

Balenciaga Black 'BB' Hoodie

Price: US$750.00
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If you are shooting for a laid-back look yet want to project a don’t-mess-with-me attitude, this BB hoodie is definitely for you. The black, which has a myriad of meanings, lends a more confident vibe here, and the pink branding provides a pinch of femininity. As with all the sweaters before it, it boasts of an oversized structure but this time provides some convenience in the form of the drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket.

  1. Balenciaga Upside Down turtleneck

Balenciaga Upside Down turtleneck

Price: US$1,150.00
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Let’s take a break temporarily from the loose sweaters and take a look at this beautiful knitted turtleneck that will flaunt your womanly curves. Balenciaga lends some of its Parisian flair in this beauty, factoring in the quality fabric and burgundy color. The turtleneck is named Upside Down as it is lingerie-inspired, going with the trend that allows underwear as outerwear, flirty and seductive enough without giving too much away.

  1. Balenciaga Wool and cashmere sweater

Balenciaga Wool and cashmere sweater

Price: US$895.00
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Ditch drab colors and wear something that reminds you of warmer days even when flowers are nowhere to be found, such as with this Balenciaga sweater in pink which the brand calls bougainvillier, inspired by wild flowers in Southern Europe. If you want to go floral but can’t find something to your taste, then this works well despite the absence of floral embellishments, the sweater itself is already shaped like a bloom.

  1. Balenciaga Printed Cotton Hoodie

Balenciaga Printed Cotton Hoodie

Price: US$795.00
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Make a statement with a minimal construction and a single word in bold with this cotton hoodie that is as striking as the others in the Balenciaga repertoire. It’s a neat addition to your monochromatic wardrobe for its smooth, cotton material in white. The design also allows you to appreciate the structure of the hoodie before giving away the fact that it is made by a master.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized ribbed cotton-blend sweater

Balenciaga Oversized ribbed cotton-blend sweater

Price: US$1,295.00
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Be bright in spite of the gloomy skies with a Balenciaga sweater in yellow. The chunky knit is meant to drape loosely on your body, and the oversized structure also comes with a flattering V-neckline that allows the fabric to make a flattering form out of the upper torso. It is wide enough that it could be used alternatively as an off-shoulder sweater.

  1. Balenciaga Draped knitted top

Balenciaga Draped knitted top

Price: US$985.00
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Just when you thought you’ve had enough of shimmery statement pieces, here comes this draped knitted top from Balenciaga that is as blinding as the ones before it. The sweater features an oversized fit, structured shoulders, and a high turtle neck to make you appear more confident and dignified in your shining choice. The lurex fabric on the outside is complemented by the jersey fabric on the inside, making it a delight to wear.

  1. Balenciaga Scarf tie jumper

Balenciaga Scarf tie jumper

Price: US$1,495.00
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Redefine street wear with a captivating jumper in red. It is casual yet graceful, slouchy yet seductive. The casualness of the jumper makes it a great accompaniment with for pants, denim or otherwise. The oversized silhouette unexpectedly gives more shape to the long-sleeved, knitted jumper. It also features a tied neckerchief detail that is prevalent in Balenciaga’s autumn and winter collection last year.

  1. Balenciaga Black V-Neck Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Balenciaga Black V-Neck Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Price: US$1,295.00
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Balenciaga knows just how to stun the crowd with a sweater thick enough yet worn off-the-shoulder, that while seemingly defeats the purpose also gives the wearer’s look more impact, as if one’s gutsy enough to pull this off. The sweater has an oversized silhouette just as the ones that before it and the ribbing adds to the garment’s looking thick. Made in Italy, the sweater is expertly woven in black cotton.

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