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8 Captivating Leggings to Wear to the Gym to Show Off Your Cheeks

8 Captivating Leggings to Wear to the Gym to Show Off Your Cheeks

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

These past few years, more people have become conscious about their health and fitness; hence, the increase in the number of gym-goers. And in the process, almost everyone may have dealt with or attested to an ordeal concerning one’s workout outfit. It could be an inappropriate material or style, or could be a mishap in the size and fit. When choosing the right workout pants, such as leggings, it is of great importance to consider fit, style, and function. All these will allow you to perform your chosen workout with ease and confidence.

But leggings have long grown up to be just a clothing you wear to the gym. For many, what you wear can affect your mood. And at times when you’re feeling like you want to show off what you have accomplished with your body, getting the right leggings that would emphasize your best assets like your cheeks, is not a bad thing. So we have listed eight (8) captivating leggings to wear to the gym to show off your cheeks.

  1. Fendi Wonders Coated Black Stretch Leggings

Fendi Wonders Coated Black Stretch Leggings

Price: US$500.00
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This first one from Fendi is surely captivating with its attractive and unique styling. Made from stretch-polyamide, the leggings come in coated black and fully covered by the label’s remarkable eye monster motif. It has flat and overlapping seams for comfort and durability. Its mid-waist cut effortlessly flatters the body, especially so when worn with a cropped top. As a plus, it has an embroidered flap pocket to hold your gym cards or some bills.

  1. Adidas Performance Comfortable Performer Climalite Stretch Leggings

Adidas Performance Comfortable Performer Climalite Stretch Leggings

Price: US$60.00
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Adidas is a home to some of the most stylish workout apparels that do not break the bank. And when it comes to showcasing your assets, Adidas has the Climalite stretch leggings that well ticks all the boxes in the fit, style, and function checklist. The Adidas Performance Climalite is perfect for an intense workout at the gym as it keeps your skin cool and dry, thanks to its Climalite technology. It is also equipped with high-rise waistband and flatlock to secure it even with intense movements. The tonal gray leggings work well with any color of your top.

  1. Fendi Army Green Roma Coated Stretch Leggings

Fendi Army Green Roma Coated Stretch Leggings

Price: US$300.00
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A functional pair of leggings, this Roma stretch from Fendi is a stylish workout pants that you can take indoor or outdoor, day or night. It comes in an eye-catching army green and tailored from stretch fabric, which is ideal to support the muscles during workout. The piece is designed with reflective trims so you can wear it when running outside at night. It has high-rise waistband for added comfort and non irritating flatlock seams for durability. Moreover, the leggings have a back pocket to hold you basic essentials like card and money.

  1. Moncler Lustrous Stretch Twill Leggings

Moncler Lustrous Stretch Twill Leggings

Price: US$480.00
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So you go to work early in the morning and wanted to squeeze in some gym time in between, but not sure what to wear. Then here’s what we got. The Moncler Twill Leggings is a versatile piece you can wear in the gym and outside. It comes in black tailored from a stretch-twill fabric. The stretch of the leggings hugs your lower body enough to allow the muscles to work during exercise and perfectly contours to your assets like the legs and cheeks. As to style, this pair of leggings is a standout with the zipped cuffs and creases. It is easy to wear with the concealed hook and zipper.

  1. Gucci Adorable Striped Black Tech-Jersey Stirrup Leggings

Gucci Adorable Striped Black Tech-Jersey Stirrup Leggings

Price: US$790.00
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Wonder how supermodels look gorgeous in their post-workout paparazzi shots? One significant factor is they wear stylish and functional workout outfits that accentuate their hard-earned bodies. If you are looking for one, then check out this Gucci Stirrup Leggings, which is super versatile that you can even wear it with heels after a workout for a street style effect. Tailored from black tech-jersey, this piece is embellished with zippers on the inner bottom, webbings along the sides made from red, white, and navy grossgrain, and the fashionable and detachable stirrup straps.

  1. Alaia Black Comfortable Wool Blend Leggings

Alaia Black Comfortable Wool Blend Leggings

Price: US$634.35
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This Alaia wool blend leggings makes a wardrobe essential for its versatility and comfort. This should not come as a surprise because Azzedine Alaia has long been recognized as the ‘king of cling’. Crafted from wool-blend, this pair of black leggings gives a good stretch, which is importance when choosing a gym pants. The black leggings appear seamless, which perfectly sculpts your cheeks and toned legs. The elasticized waistband, meanwhile, aids in keeping you comfortable in the duration of your gym session. Not only that, it makes a great leggings to sport on under your mini dress or shirts.

  1. Moncler Sleek Intarsia Wool Leggings

Moncler Sleek Intarsia Wool Leggings

Price: US$450.00
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Wool leggings are ideal for workout because they provide a good stretch, lightweight, and are breathable. They even make more advantage when it is freezing since wool have thermal properties to keep you warm. This Moncler Intarsia Wool Leggings is something you want to wear to the gym or when running some errands for its sense of comfort and style. This is a pull on leggings that features cuffs near the ankles with the white logo and stripes knitted on the sides. For added comfort, it is designed with a stretchable waistband.

  1. Adidas Performance Cool Performer Climalite Stretch Leggings

Adidas Performance Cool Performer Climalite Stretch Leggings

Price: US$55.00
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Adidas’ Climalite collection comes in various designs and colors, including this petrol stretch leggings. By the color itself, this pair of Adidas leggings is easily recognizable especially with its stretch-jersey material that effortlessly clings to your body showcasing your toned legs and cheeks. You will not have to worry about sweat marks while doing strenuous or high-intensity workouts since it is designed with the effective Climalite technology that wicks moisture. Moreover, the high-rise waistband helps keep your core involved. Keep your essentials like gym card, key, or bills in the back pocket.

Indeed, a great pair of leggings that is up in style, fit, and functionality will make you look and feel more confident and inspired seeing how you have come this far. Showing off your best assets is definitely not prohibited, more so, if you feel more motivated by it.

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