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Hims Hair Kit Review

Hims Hair Kit

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Hims Hair Kit Review
What drew our attention to the Hims Hair Kit is the brand’s ridiculously trendy, minimalist branding. The brand promises that these Hair Kits will stop further hair loss and grow new hair. From our experience, we found that it has successfully made our hair a tad thicker. At the beginning, our hair started shedding drastically, but we realized it was mostly our baby hairs and that soon after a week or two, it stopped. As the weeks went on, our hair slowly started growing a bit faster and our hair fall decreased. It wasn’t such a vast improvement, but we were happy to find that our hair felt a little fuller than normal and that we weren't shedding as much anymore. As effective as this was for us, we can’t say this would work for everybody, results and cost wise.
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Effectively helped our hair feel thicker
Fresh and appealing branding
Requires a lot of effort
Results vary per person
Overpriced for generic products
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Hims’ Hair Kits include a 2 oz. bottle of their DHT reducing shampoo, a jar filled with 60 Biotin gummies, a 6.4 oz. bottle of Minoxidil, and, if you subscribe to the Complete Kit, 30 x 1 mg pills of Finasteride. Do keep in mind that everyone can react differently to this product. We may have garnered some positive results, but we wouldn’t continue using this product anymore as it very costly to keep up and we’ve heard that there are cheaper brands out there that garner very similar results.

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