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Geir Ness for Men by Geir Ness Review

Geir Ness for Men by Geir Ness Review 1

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Geir Ness for Men by Geir Ness Review
We find that Geir Ness for Men does not advertise itself as smelling like the mountain air just for the sake of doing it; a spritz actually transports you to the tranquil environment. The well-blended scent is sweet, but that is balanced with the green notes that are also present. To us, this also doesn’t offend the nose. When layered with another scent, we find that it even becomes more interesting. Geir Ness for Men is not the most original out there, but it’s sure to garner you some compliments.
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We find that this smells as promised, like the crisp mountain air
Projects nicely without having the need to be cloying
Good for layering scents
Not very original
Smells mature, which not everyone may like
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Geir Ness for Men is a niche fragrance with an aromatic spicy profile first released in 2006. It was created by Geir Ness, a Norwegian perfumer, who wanted to encapsulate Norway in a scent. The concoction is a mix of spices, florals, woodsy and green notes. You’re free to wear it for most occasions, including family gatherings and office meetings.

Geir Ness for Men by Geir Ness Review 2

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