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Le Nomade by D’Orsay Review

Le Nomade by D'Orsay Review 1

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Le Nomade by D’Orsay Review
You may still be able to grab a bottle of Le Nomade from D’Orsay today, but it won’t be the exceptional purchase you make that day. To us, this feels clean and easy to wear, but the former quality is not entirely pleasant to the nose—the fragrance is somewhat akin to household cleaning products. We find that the fragrance also tries to be many things at once without any of the qualities ending up to be impressive. It is powdery, sweet, musky and woodsy, which later on vanishes to a very faint smell.
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Is masculine and clean
Can be worn with little consideration for the weather
The vibe the notes give are clashing as the scent tries to be many things—sweet, creamy, musky, woodsy—all at once
We think that the drydown is less than impressive; the scent ends lighter than anticipated
The play of notes quickly vanish
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Le Nomade was released in 1974 by Parfums D’Orsay, the perfume house that boasts of a long history and was inspired by one of history’s most celebrated perfumers, Count Alfred d’Orsay. Intended for men, this had a combination of fresh accords and woodsy notes. The top notes are identified to be berries and spices, middle notes are cedar, patchouli and vetiver, and base notes are white musk, sage, coriander and bergamot. Unfortunately for fans though, this one takes some effort to find; production has already been discontinued for Le Nomade.

Le Nomade by D'Orsay Review 2

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