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Dior Homme B22 Review


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Dior Homme B22 Review
The Dior Home B22 can be a little “extra” for some but for fashionistas and sneakerheads alike, these kicks are nothing but a beaut. Made from durable materials, imaginative elements, and adaptable prints and colors, it makes sense why the Dior Home B22 is a sure fire hit to many celebrities and sneaker enthusiasts. The dad shoes, after all, are nothing but absolutely stunning in their own special way. Getting a Dior Home B22 translates to getting a statement fashion piece that is recognizable, flexible, and hella Insta-worthy.
Value for Money

When it comes to sneakers, luxury fashion houses and top designers don’t really come to mind. In recent months, however, things took an interesting turn. From influencers to celebrities, sneakers have come to invade A-list stars’ paparazzi shots, sneakerheads’ Instagram posts, and stylists’ magazine spreads. What started as a practical fashion item is now a striking, bold, and vibrant trend of kicks that offer a chic alternative to your everyday style. Joining in on what the media dubbed “dad” shoes craze is the Dior Homme B22.

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Release Year: May 2018

Fresh off the luxury brand’s creative house, the Dior Homme B22 is a futuristic contribution to the fast-rising demand for stylish, comfortable, and versatile sneakers. Worn by numerous famous personalities from supermodel Bella Hadid to rappers Asap Rocky and Big Sean, these kicks are your best bet if you’re looking for a statement piece that are easy on the eyes and quick to style. Fetching a hefty price tag of almost a thousand bucks, this is a pair of shoe investment that you won’t regret.


Like most dad shoes in the market, it is expected that the Dior Homme B22 is attractively chunky. Featuring rubber soles for awesome grip, smooth soft leather linings, and mesh decorations in yellow, red, and white, these kicks can be tailored fit depending on your lifestyle. From Spring/Summer 2018 runaways to your everyday commute, weekly dinner dates, or Instagram OOTDs, the Dior Homme B22 is not going to fail you.

Obviously inspired by ’90s aesthetic, these Dior sneakers are guaranteed products of not only artistic imaginations, but also fine craftsmanship. The materials used ensure comfort. The overall look confirms flexibility. Regardless of the way you choose to style these fresh kicks, you are sure to come out of the house well put together and sleek marked with a little touch of sass. These babies come in 3 versions, in red, white, and black colorways.


Another name for the dad shoes trend is the “ugly sneakers trend” so it goes to show that not everyone is completely sold on the idea of wearing huge, ’90s inspired sneakers. If what you’re looking for is light-weight mobility, then you might want to pass up on the opportunity of buying the Dior Home B22. These are great aesthetically but for long periods of walking, they can take a toll on your feet. The fluorescent colors might turn off some people as well.

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Dior Homme B22 Review

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