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Wear Your Heart On Your… Face? Designer Heart-Shaped Frames To Grab

Wear Your Heart On Your… Face - Designer Heart-Shaped Frames To Grab - Featured Image

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

When it comes to sunglasses, we doubt that anyone would automatically jump to heart-shaped frames unless they’re a big fashionista or a statement piece lover. After all, not many of us would have to wear them on a daily basis, and it would be easy to settle into the more classic shapes—and that’s completely fine. We’re not here to judge, sometimes you just have to have one of those in your collection. But if you’re wondering if there’s anything you could do to liven up your look, then you’ve come to the right place; the extra glasses are trendy finishes to a very chic ensemble.

Check out some of our designer picks that would entice you to wear heart-shaped frames:

1. Gucci Heart-shaped acetate sunglasses

Gucci Heart-shaped acetate sunglasses
Price: US$550.00
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We’re starting the list with something warming and charming from Gucci—should you decide to be a bit more with your specs, why not opt for a pair that instantly creates an impact? These Italian-made sunglasses have just a tinge of retro to them, perhaps a result of being a part of Gucci’s Hollywood Forever collection. Even though the tints are on the lighter end of the spectrum, you can trust that these babies can give utmost protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Saint Laurent Loulou heart-frame acetate sunglasses

Saint Laurent Loulou heart-frame acetate sunglasses
Price: US$420.00
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Loulou sunglasses are what It girls are currently into when it comes to eyewear, and it’s not hard to see why. Saint Laurent gives playful and retro in one piece of accessory, pairing the fun shape with a vibrant and glossy red. This is an antidote to a monotonous outfit, especially with the acetate popping beside the lenses. The Italian-made pair is also guaranteed to provide adequate eye protection.

3. Miu Miu Noir sunglasses

Miu Miu Noir sunglasses
Price: US$420.00
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The silhouette is not what you’d expect from a heart-shaped frame, but that may be just what you need to have more fun with the trend. Miu Miu’s Noir is not dark despite the name, the pink acetate really distinguishing itself from the rest. With commitment to quality, Miu Miu creates a girly, round, limited edition pair that shows a heart motif. It may just be the best tangible representation of viewing someone through rose-colored glasses that we have around.

4. Chloé Poppy Love heart-shaped acetate and gold-tone sunglasses

Chloé Poppy Love heart-shaped acetate and gold-tone sunglasses
Price: US$400.00
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We have another rose-tinted pick in Chloé‘s ‘Poppy Love’, but there’s more to see here than just the subdued pink. In fact, further inspection will reveal that there is a slight yellow to the gradient lenses, blending ever so smoothly with the rose. Emit an even more vintage vibe by pairing this with a chain you can also get from the brand; it may pay off beyond preventing you from losing the pair.

5. Miu Miu heart-shaped sunglasses

Miu Miu heart-shaped sunglasses
Price: US$420.00
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Miu Miu makes another appearance—and we’re not cheating with the shape anymore—with a chic pair we immediately fell in love with. We can’t get enough of the combination of gray, dusty rose and gold; wear this in one of your sojourns to protect your eyes and show fondness for your destination of choice.

6. Saint Laurent Loulou heart-shaped acetate sunglasses

Saint Laurent LouLou heart-shaped acetate sunglasses
Price: US$420.00
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We’re digging the Loulous so much that we thought, why not have another pair on the list? If you often find yourself in black—and love how it makes everything better—then this might just be the pair for you. Look extra sultry despite the playful frames with an all-black getup and just the right amount of red on the lips.

Heart-shaped glasses are fun; don’t let its kitschy image tell you otherwise. In fact, they’re flattering for many faces, and chances are, they might be on yours too. Who knows, they might level up to be your go-to glasses should you need an eyewear to complete the look. Don’t be afraid to go against the classics and fall a little in love.

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