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Best-selling Fashion Designer Clothes, Jackets and Trousers for Teenage Boys

8 Fashion Designer Blazers for Teen Boys That Can Be Kept till Adulthood

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Looking just right is very important for teens. They take time and put so much effort in selecting clothes and dressing up in order to look cool and fashionable. They are eager to blend to a particular group in order to ‘fit in’ – and trend is what they follow. They will either get that particular ‘haircut’, dye their hair to look like exactly that ‘guy’ from their favorite band, buy that new pair of shoes endorsed by that super cool movie star – they will literally do anything just to fit in and be accepted by everyone.

And as parents who are constantly watching and guiding their children as they grow, helping their teenagers choose their personal style in terms of clothing can be both challenging and exciting. Parents should be considerate with their adolescents’ ‘need for identity’ in order for them to express themselves more freely.

If your teenager is a shy boy just wanting to blend in, these designer clothes will allow him to silently walk through the school and allow his outfits to do the talking.

Bomber Jacket

  1.  #MUMOFSIX checkered bomber jacket

#MUMOFSIX checkered bomber jacket

Price: US$390.00
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A checkered jacket expresses nothing but pure boy-next-door charm. This preppy print along with red outlines and trims on this #MUMOFSIX blue jacket will make your boy look sincere, friendly, and the complete opposite of arrogant.

  1. LANVIN PETITE Teen spiders embroidery bomber

LANVIN PETITE Teen spiders embroidery bomber

Price: US$1,111.00
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The way a bomber jacket rests slouchily on the body resembles that of baseball jackets. It’s basically the go-to for comfort and warmth because of its looser fit. This bomber features some multi-colored spiders to represent his quirky personality.

  1. FENDI KIDS teen varsity bomber jacket

FENDI KIDS teen varsity bomber jacket

Price: US$650.00
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Being on the varsity team instantly puts some on the spotlight and the focal point of school kids’ attention. This Fendi Kids jacket takes from the style of most school varsity jackets, but it’s created with a leathery material to make it a little bit different, therefore a lot cooler.

  1. MARCELO BURLON COUNTY OF MILAN KIDS parrot print jacket


Price: US$356.00
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This parrot jacket may as well be owned by a fully adult man because Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Kids takes inspiration from the adult styles. Your teenage boy will be proud of wearing this one as he tries to embody a man that he is to grow into.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS embroidered patch denim jacket

DSQUARED2 KIDS embroidered patch denim jacket

Price: US$508.00
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Heavily patch-covered denim jackets hold a sentimental value to the owner because of the personal reasons in each patch. This Dsquared2 Kids denim jacket tries to imitate that with embroidered patches that looks badass enough to pass any teenage boy’s tastes.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS colour-block bomber jacket

DSQUARED2 KIDS colour-block bomber jacket

Price: US$990.00
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This colour-block bomber jacket combines all the best features of every manly jacket your boy could own: denim, slouchy gray sweatshirt-like sleeves, army green pockets, and an extra black paneled hem. He’ll feel all the more like a grown-up boy than a kid in this jacket.

  1. DIESEL KIDS patch print leather jacket

DIESEL KIDS patch print leather jacket

Price: US$625.00
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Leather jackets are known to give a grungy aspect to an outfit. For some teenage boys, that look may make them seem older but this patch print leather jacket incorporates some wacky colors to balance it out and make it more playfully kiddish. If your young man should decide to wear one, it should be this cool Diesel Kids piece.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS teen leather moto jacket

DSQUARED2 KIDS teen leather moto jacket

Price: US$547.00
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Similarly, this black leather and green khaki moto jacket does the same balanced effect between mature and childish. Your teenage boy may not be one who rides big bikes yet, but he would be able to get that look with this jacket.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS zipped leather jacket

MOSCHINO KIDS zipped leather jacket

Price: US$536.00
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Because leather jackets almost always come in black, Moschino Kids‘ white, red, and black leather jacket is a rarity. And like all other rare items, it’s a gem only a few would have. This makes your boy instantly more fashion-forward than anyone his age.

Polo Shirts

  1.  ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS contrast trim polo shirt

ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS contrast trim polo shirt

Price: US$298.00
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Just like the basic white tee, a white polo shirt is a closet necessity. It’s prim and proper collar and the crisp color makes anyone who wears it look neat and smart. It should set a good example for your kid’s peers on how to dress like a true gentleman. Just looking at this Roberto Cavalli piece makes you nod in agreement, right?

  1. BILLIONAIRE KIDS logo patch polo top

BILLIONAIRE KIDS logo patch polo top

Price: US$360.00
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Polo shirts generally put out a good-boy look, but only genuinely nice guys can pull off without making it look like an old dad’s shirt. While we hear from girls all the time that there are no more good guys in the world, your teenager will prove them wrong just by wearing this Billionaire Kids‘ shirt.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS logo print polo shirt

MOSCHINO KIDS logo print polo shirt

Price: US$145.00
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Polo shirts rarely have printed patterns on them other than stripes. This Moschino polo shirt spices up the pattern using their bold label printed across and all over the shirt.

  1. LANVIN PETITE Teen contrast-trim long sleeved polo shirt

LANVIN PETITE Teen contrast-trim long sleeved polo shirt

Price: US$241.00
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When we say polo shirts, it includes long-sleeved ones which you might not encounter during a routinely shopping trip. It’s not very common compared to the short-sleeved versions that are in every store you can find boys’ clothes in. If your boy has that in every color, this Lanvin Petite long-sleeved gray polo shirt will offer him a different choice when dressing.

  1. LANVIN PETITE Teen contrast collar polo shirt

LANVIN PETITE Teen contrast collar polo shirt

Price: US$226.00
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Polo shirts are simple by design. The only way to amp it up is to get one in a striking color. This electric blue polo shirt from Lanvin Petite is the perfect example of that definition. Without any other print, it’s a picture of minimalism.

  1. MONCLER KIDS logo patch polo shirt

MONCLER KIDS logo patch polo shirt

Price: US$156.00
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Featuring classic Breton stripes on the collar and sleeves, Moncler‘s orange polo shirt carries the preppy vibe that’s suitable for both adults and kids, and definitely the ones in between: teenage kids!

  1. MONCLER KIDS long sleeve polo shirt

MONCLER KIDS long sleeve polo shirt

Price: US$135.00
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The boldest shade of red can make even the most boring piece of clothing come alive. This is true for this long-sleeved polo shirt. It’s toned down by the gray collar and trim to break the monotony of the almost all-red shirt.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS striped polo shirt

DSQUARED2 KIDS striped polo shirt

Price: US$187.00
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It’s probably not the most pressing concern for your boy, but this red, black, and white polo shirt gives a slimming illusion because of its vertical stripes. Not to mention, it’s also different design for a polo shirt without losing the simplicity.



Fendi Kids Teen FF varsity cardigan

Price: US$400.00
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Whether it’s going to sports practice or after class mathletes meeting, this Fendi Kids varsity cardigan from the Karl Lagerfeld collection will turn heads. Featuring navy blue cotton, a v-neck, a button fastening, and a ribbed hem and cuffs, this will instantly upped any outfit your teenage boy is wearing underneath.


Ralph Lauren Kids USA flag intarsia jumper

Price: US$125.00
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True to its simple but trendy branding, this Ralph Lauren Kids USA flag intarsia jumper will keep your son feeling snug and stylish at the same time. With white cotton, a ribbed round neck, long sleeves, and a ribbed hem and cuffs, this will go so well with khakis or denims, and any of his favorite neutral Air Force Ones or Yeezys.


Dsquared2 Kids color block knitted sweater

Price: US$223.00
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Featuring a combination of maroon, navy blue, and gray cashmere and wool blend, this knitted sweater from Dsquared2 Kids will be your teenage boy’s uniform when he hangs out with his friends. From lounging on the couch playing games to running around in the park playing frisbee, your son will give the breathable design and fabric two thumbs up.


Cashmirino Round neck jumper

Price: US$371.00
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Get a glimpse of what your teenage boy will look like five years from now when he wears this brown cashmere round neck jumper from Cashmirino. Featuring long sleeves, elbow patches, and a ribbed hem and cuffs, this sophisticated piece will instantly elevate your son’s look from a boy to a young man.


Paul Smith Junior striped cardigan

Price: US$145.00
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Going along with your son’s happy-go-lucky disposition, this marl grey Paul Smith Junior with neon stripes and patterns cardigan captures the endless possibilities of your teenage boy’s bright and exciting future. It has a ribbed v-neck, a front button fastening, long sleeves, and a ribbed hem and cuffs.


Burberry Kids knight logo jumper

Price: US$253.00
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Another unassuming but no doubt fashionable piece, this red wool Burberry Kids jumper will transform your son into a refined English man. With a knight logo, a ribbed round neck, long sleeves, and a ribbed hem and cuffs, this will be your son’s favorite knitwear every time he needs to attend a more than casual gathering.


Cashmirino V neck jumper

Price: US$402.00
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Layering will be one of the most important and standard fashion skills your son will learn from you. Why not teach him how to layer with this emerald cashmere V-neck jumper from Cashmirino with gray elbow patches. Can you imagine him wearing a polo underneath paired with black trousers and loafers? He’s going to look so sleek!

Hoodies And Sweatshirts


Burberry Kids logo embroidered sweatshirt

Price: US$161.00
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First on the list is this Burberry Kids hydrangea blue cotton sweatshirt. With the logo embroidery, ribbed crew neck, hem, and cuffs, your boy will secretly feel he’s the most handsome and fashionable of all. To complete the look, pair it with a polo shirt underneath, khaki or black pants, and his Converse.


Msgm Kids Fire print sweatshirt

Price: US$143.00
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For your fearless and adventurous boy, get him this MSGM navy blue and yellow cotton sweatshirt. The fire print says it all. With this, your boy will definitely be wearing a statement piece. It features a round neck, long sleeves, and a relaxed fit.


Moncler Kids stripe detail sweatshirt

Price: US$260.00
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Another basic piece that’s good for layering. This army green Moncler Kids features a ribbed round neck, hem, and cuffs, as well as a logo patch to the chest. But the detail that will be your boy’s favorite? The unique stripe design that circles around the neck. That really makes the piece more exclusive!


Kenzo Kids logo print sweatshirt

Price: US$129.00
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You know they say that real men wear pink? While pink is just a color, it’s good to teach your boy that wearing it doesn’t make him less of a man. A good introduction is this stylish navy cotton sweatshirt from Kenzo Kids that boasts big neon pink logo prints.


Fendi Kids contrast stripes sweatshirt

Price: US$500.00
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Being a parent who adores luxury fashion, pretty sure your heart melted imaging your boy wearing this Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi Kids sweatshirt. Featuring dark blue, red, and white cotton blend, it has a ribbed crew neck, hem, and cuffs, plus a signature three stripe detail and an embroidered brand patch at the chest. So much love for this one!


John Richmond Kids patch detail hoodie

Price: US$166.00
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The next piece has a lot of rare details for a hoodie. A grey cotton blend, this John Richmond piece has patch details, drawstring tie fastenings, and side zipped pockets that you seldom see in most hoodies in the market. Your son will almost surely be noticed!


Diadora Junior Teen signature stripe zip-up hoodie

Price: US$103.00
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Loud colors fit well with your teenage boy’s vibrant (amid sometimes temperamental) personality. This zip-up hoodie from Diadora Junior with red, white, and blue cotton blend, paired with denims and sneakers, will be your son’s ensuing signature look. Not bad, eh?


Boss Hugo Boss Teen contrast trim zip-up hoodie

Price: US$131.00
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Great fashion pieces are those that possess details that truly make them exceptional. Like this Hugo Boss blue, grey and white cotton-blend hoodie. The contrasting colors from the hood to the cuffs, as well as the Hugo Boss branding and another set of stripes on the hood, are all the details your boy need to feel special and chic.

Designer Shirts

  1. STEFANO RICCI KIDS Teen Aeroplane Motif Shirt

STEFANO RICCI KIDS Teen Aeroplane Motif Shirt

Price: US$575.00
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This burgundy designer shirt from Stefano Ricci Kids is made of 100% silk and has tiny blue aeroplane prints all over that teens will definitely fancy. This long-sleeved shirt reflects the playfulness and youth of any teenage boy who will wear it.

  1. LANVIN PETITE Fish Print Shirt

LANVIN PETITE Fish Print Shirt

Price: US$254.00
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This dark blue cotton shirt from Lanvin Petite looks really interesting with its fish print all over. The tiny light blue buttons along the front is a charming feature to this shirt. Paired with beige trousers and leather loafers, your teenage boy will surely look dashing in this shirt.

  1. STEFANO RICCI KIDS Teen Tuxedo Shirt


Price: US$390.00
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Your teenage boy will absolutely look as dashing and elegant as a young prince charming in this Stefano Ricco Kids tuxedo shirt in white cotton fabric. A bow tie would really look great in this elegantly designed shirt. This is absolutely a way to look one’s best!

  1. FENDI KIDS Fantastic Summer Striped Shirt

FENDI KIDS Fantastic Summer Striped Shirt

Price: US$300.00
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This blue and white striped shirt from Fendi Kids looks really fresh and summery. Makes you want to think of summer and the beach with its fun fantastic summer print on the front. This could be thrown over a plain white shirt and shorts and a really nice straw hat to complete the look.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS Faded Denim Shirt

DSQUARED2 KIDS Faded Denim Shirt

Price: US$247.00
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A denim shirt is a must-have for every teenage boy. This faded denim shirt from Dsquared2 Kids is made of cotton and elastane which makes it super soft and comfy. Teenage boys can wear the shirt alone or as a layering piece over a t-shirt for a more casual style. And the splatter paint on the shirt gives this shirt that casual rugged look.

  1. LANVIN PETITE Printed Shirt


Price: US$239.00
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This cotton Lanvin Petite printed shirt comes in navy blue with tiny geometric prints all over. The style looks classic for any teenage boys to pull off that classic smart look.

  1. ARMANI JUNIOR Contrast Collar Shirt

ARMANI JUNIOR Contrast Collar Shirt

Price: US$228.00
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From the makers of trendy suits for men comes this Armani Junior contrast collar shirt. The contrasting collar of this white shirt is something any teenage boys will love. And that Armani logo on the chest is something any teenager would be proud of wearing.

  1. #MUMOFSIX Plaid Shirt

#MUMOFSIX Plaid Shirt

Price: US$217.00
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The origami print at the back of this grey #MUMOFSIX is the highlight of this shirt. Teenage boys would absolutely flaunt that print on this grey cotton plaid shirt. I’d say that this shirt will find its way as a layering piece over a plain t-shirt for a long time.

Padded Jackets

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS Teen Padded Jacket

DSQUARED2 KIDS Teen Padded Jacket

Price: US$1,577.00
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We all know how really really cold it gets in Canada and this Dsquared2 Kids padded jacket was made by a brand (founded by Canadian designers) who knows cold weather best. This black jacket is filled with down with the brand’s name printed in white along the left sleeve. This coat is your teen’s best bud for the cold season along with some friendly hats and knit gloves for sure.

  1. MONCLER KIDS Collarless Down Jacket

 MONCLER KIDS Collarless Down Jacket

Price: US$569.00
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This Moncler Kids blue collarless jacket is the way to go when your teens want to sport that new knitted toque, beanie or cap for a sporty and casual look. The logo on the left sleeve and bright blue color of this down filled jacket makes one really stand out. Who would not notice that teen wearing that bright royal blue jacket from afar anyway?

  1. WOOLRICH KIDS Racoon Fur Trim Coat

 WOOLRICH KIDS Racoon Fur Trim Coat

Price: US$505.00
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This blue coat from Woolrich Kids is padded with duck feathers and features a racoon fur trim on its hood that is soft and warm and keeps snow and rain from blowing in your teen’s face. They’ll never know how handy a fur trimmed coat really is until there’s too much snow and chilly wind blowing directly into their faces!

  1. MONCLER KIDS Rouen Padded Jacket

 MONCLER KIDS Rouen Padded Jacket

Price: US$457.00
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Teens will love the contrasting color of the red hood to this goose down filled black padded jacket from Moncler Kids. The zip front makes it easy to put on and off while the snap buttons on the front keep their little treasures secure from falling out of their pockets. Such a big plus to this already awesome piece.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS Padded Hooded Jacket

 BURBERRY KIDS Padded Hooded Jacket

Price: US$452.00
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This black down-filled padded jacket from Burberry Kids can be worn in two ways with its reversible feature. The grey cotton hoodie side is one thing most teens will go for their everyday look while the padded side provides comfort and warmth all throughout the day.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS Quilted Hooded Padded Jacket

BURBERRY KIDS Quilted Hooded Padded Jacket

Price: US$427.00
Buy It

This blue quilted jacket padded with polyester from Burberry Kids will look really preppy and stylish on your teens. The classic and elegant style of this jacket will stay stylish and classy for years of cold seasons. This is one jacket that just never goes out of style.

  1. HERNO KIDS Hooded Padded Jacket

HERNO KIDS Hooded Padded Jacket

Price: US$409.00
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This purple and black hooded jacket from Herno Kids is padded with feather down. It is made with polyamide fabric making it waterproof and lightweight which teens will surely love coz a bulky and heavy jacket is not really trendy anymore.

  1. SAVE THE DUCK KIDS Hooded Padded Jacket

Price: US$189.00
Buy It

This Save the Duck Kids’ polyester padded and hooded blue jacket is such a classic and simple style that teens will surely love. And that Donald Duck patch at the back is such a cute add-on to this already adorable jacket. And did I mention that no duck or animal was hurt in making these jackets? That would surely be a plus to your pet and animal loving teens.

Designer Blazers

  1.  Dsquared2 Kids contrast trim blazer

Dsquared2 Kids contrast trim blazer
Price: US$589.00
Buy It

White, when styled right, can be the ultimate choice for sophistication. Get your son this classy blazer from Canadian Dsquared2 Kids that adds just enough edge by lining the blazer with black.

  1. Burberry Kids Tuxy Jacket

Burberry Kids Tuxy Jacket
Price: US$297.99
Buy It

Refine your son’s casual look with a stylish, comfortable and sporty wool jacket from British luxury brand Burberry. The notched lapel, buttons and flap hand pockets all make for a dapper coat your fashion-conscious son can confidently wear. Also available in navy blue if you and your young man prefer a darker shade.

  1. Armani Junior plaid classic blazer

Armani Junior plaid classic blazer
Price: US$373.00
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Make your teen ballsier by going for the less preferred choice. This Armani Junior blazer in plaid remains a classic but is a challenge to pull off. Most designers and stylist agree on one thing though: confidence is key.

  1. Dondup Kids classic striped blazer

Dondup Kids classic striped blazer
Price: US$259.00
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Splash some color to your kid’s dresser by adding this a striped blazer in arresting red, courtesy of Dondup Kids. Not only will you make his array of options interesting, you also have the power to resuscitate a dull outfit.

  1. Armani Junior patterned blazer

Armani Junior patterned blazer
Price: US$391.00
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Armani is what you seek if you’re after fine, sleekly tailored suits. Luckily, the luxury brand caters to younger clientele, too. Easy on the eyes and a delight to feel, this blue and gray patterned blazer will see through many of your teen’s important events, formal and otherwise.

  1. Neil Barrett Kids teen tuxedo blazer

Neil Barrett Kids teen tuxedo blazer
Price: US$277.00
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Neil Barrett knows very well that blazers are versatile f ixtures in fashion with a timeless appeal to boot. This solid number in black will make a royal out of your son, thanks to its virgin wool and deep V neck.

  1. Boss Kids Teen contrast-trim blazer

Boss Kids Teen contrast-trim blazer
Price: US$366.00
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Dark and proud is how we’d describe this blazer from Boss Kids. This iteration from the German luxury fashion house makes a timeless style their very own, especially with the inclusion of contrasting gray trims that makes the outerwear look stronger and manlier. If you’re in search for a must-have navy blue blazer that goes with anything, this is a topnotch choice.

  1. Diesel Kids Teen mandarin-collar blazer

Diesel Kids Teen mandarin-collar blazer
Price: US$229.00
Buy It

Ties can be sometimes a hassle, we know; This is for the teen who just couldn’t bother. We don’t mean to say in any way that this is a lesser alternative. It still is classy and every bit of smart if you choose to make do without a tie.

Designer Trousers

  1.  Tagliatore Junior tapered trousers

Tagliatore Junior tapered trousers

Price: US$155.00
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There’s no reason to avoid white trousers. We know, they require a bit of care when handling and wearing them as they are extremely susceptible to stains, but a little bit of love and meticulousness will often suffice. In return, your teen will be rewarded with a level of carefree and confidence that is not quite achieved with darker shades.

  1. Burberry Kids Tuxy Trouser Pants

Burberry Kids Tuxy Trouser Pants

Price: US$162.50
Buy It

Aside from black, navy blue is another go-to color for smart casual attires; They’re as versatile and easy to match as their darker counterpart. If you want a pair that would look great with most of your son’s clothes, then look no further, Burberry got him a match in these wool and cotton trousers.

  1. Dsquared2 Kids classic smart trousers

Dsquared2 Kids classic smart trousers

Price: US$313.00
Buy It

Black is a color that just never goes out of style. It’s the dependable choice if you want effortless sophistication on your attire. Put your son at ease with this Dsquared2 Kids‘ luxury item that does not have to be loud and attention-seeking.

  1. Paul Smith Junior straight-leg trousers

Paul Smith Junior straight-leg trousers

Price: US$212.00
Buy It

If your son wants something a little lighter than navy and a bit more formal, then go and bet for these trousers from Paul Smith. They’re as relaxed just as they are cool to the eye. Your teen will make no fuss on them, guaranteed.

  1. Burberry Kids Stretch Twill Chino Pants

Burberry Kids Stretch Twill Chino Pants

Price: US$94.99
Buy It

Twill chinos are for the industrious boy, or at least someone who wants to look like one. They’re dependable and they’re sturdy, just as this one from Burberry Kids. They’re on the casual end of the smart casual spectrum, but they do not fail to give boys are more grown-up look.

  1. Tagliatore Junior palm print trousers

Tagliatore Junior palm print trousers

Price: US$195.00
Buy It

Fashion icon Iris Apfel once lamented the lack of variety in fashion and the dominance of monochromatic clothes that do not have character in today’s trends. We partly agree as the ubiquity of neutrals is undoubtedly due to it being easier to match with clothes. You can start the change with these printed Tagliatore Junior trousers that are definitely not for the meek. With confidence, they can be pulled off quite well and will make a knockout look out of your teen.

  1. Burberry Wool Slim-Fit Tuxedo Pants

Burberry Wool Slim-Fit Tuxedo Pants

Price: US$375.00
Buy It

Rare is a pair of trousers deemed smarter than tuxedo pants. Don’t be afraid to try them on your son with other tops and outerwear though, and see for yourself just how much you’re missing by limiting tuxedo pants to formal wear.

  1. Manuel Ritz Kids printed trousers

Manuel Ritz Kids printed trousers

Price: US$102.00
Buy It

If you want to experiment with your teen’s clothes but want considerably tamer prints, then Manuel Ritz has just the right pair for you and your young man. These pants are stretchable and made out of cotton, so comfort and great fit are ensured.

Designer Coats

  1. FREEDOMDAY JUNIOR Teen Patch Appliqués Coat

FREEDOMDAY JUNIOR Teen Patch Appliqués Coat

Price: US$560.00
Buy It

This Freedomday green coat is made of feather down and raccoon fur to make our teen boys absolutely warm and cozy in this long cold weather. And did I mention that the colorful patch appliqués on this coat are way too cool and trendy that teens would rather prefer not to take it off?

  1. BURBERRY KIDS Hooded Duffle Coat

BURBERRY KIDS Hooded Duffle Coat

Price: US$528.00
Buy It

Teenage boys will feel all preppy like Harry Potter in this Burberry Kids black duffle coat.  The wool fabric is perfect for keeping them warm and snug and the leather and buffalo horn toggle are great details that are  hard to miss in this already stylish and classic coat and that Burberry trademark plain on the inner lining makes it extra special.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS Multi-patch Classic Coat

DSQUARED2 KIDS Multi-patch Classic Coat

Price: US$553.00
Buy It

This cotton blend green coat from DSquared2 Kids will surely catch not just your teen’s eyes but all the other teens who would love a real funky coat as well. The logo patches that were stylishly sewn all over the front and back are so on point and adds life to this piece.

  1. WOOLRICH KIDS Hooded Parka


Price: US$505.00
Buy It

This red parka from Woolrich Kids is made of feather down and racoon fur hood. That means extra warmth and comfort for your teens! Just perfect for this long cold season.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS Single Breasted Trench Coat

BURBERRY KIDS Single Breasted Trench Coat

Price: US$425.00
Buy It

Teens would love to play detective just like Sherlock Holmes in this honey-coloured coat. This Burberry Kids single breasted trench coat is made of cotton with polyester lining that protects from light rain and cold. It of course boasts of that trademark Burberry plaid lining, button fastenings and two front pockets.

  1. HERNO KIDS Hooded Parka Coat

Price: US$351.00
Buy It

This Herno Kids parka in green is waterproof and lightweight. A great plus for teens, so they can just pack them into their backpacks when they get inside from that light rain outside coz we all know that teenage boys never liked bringing umbrellas.



Price: US$295.00
Buy It

This red Freedomday Junior hooded coat is made of cotton blend fabric. The racoon fur hood protects your teen’s face from the cold wind and snow.

  1. DIESEL KIDS Camouflage Coat

DIESEL KIDS Camouflage Coat

Price: US$238.00
Buy It

Teens would love this camouflage coat from Diesel Kids. With front flap pocket to put their hands into to keep them warm and zip chest pockets to hold their small stuffs. The blue embroidered logo at the back makes it extra special and funky and did I mention that the hood can be hidden at the funnel neckline with a zip?

  1. SAVE THE DUCK KIDS Reversible Zipped Jacket

SAVE THE DUCK KIDS Reversible Zipped Jacket

Price: US$194.00
Buy It

This navy blue reversible jacket from Save the Duck Kids is a real steal, I’d say! Your kids will have two looks in one. It’s just perfect for your teen’s casual outfit. They would definitely look great in jeans, shirts and sneakers and this comfy and trendy bomber style jacket.

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