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8 Most Elegant Chloé Satchels in 2018

Chloé Satchels

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Spring and summer are almost here! That means Chloé bags are again everywhere on the hands, arms, or shoulders of long-time admirers of the French fashion house. If you don’t consider yourself one, that’s a fashion mistake you’ve actively been doing but we’re here to showcase the best of their mini and nano-sized bags for the most fun dressing up game you’ll enjoy every day from this day onward. 

  1. CHLOÉ contrast Faye satchel

CHLOÉ contrast Faye satchel

Price: US$1,850.00
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Simultaneously contrasting colors and materials is a Chloé signature you don’t want to miss, especially this year when the two-tone trend is in full force. It goes along with their flap closures, like this Faye satchel’s teal flap that contrasts the dark green of the rest of the bag. 

  1. CHLOÉ pink Faye Small Leather Bracelet bag

CHLOÉ pink Faye Small Leather Bracelet bag

Price: US$890.00
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This Faye bracelet bag duplicates the brand’s metal circle design used for the hook fastening and the shoulder strap attachment or stand-alone handle. It boasts of a peachy-pink blend of colors that are big in the pastel trend right now. Its design allows for a flat appearance when closed but expands when you have a bulky item. 

  1. CHLOÉ Yellow Pixie nano suede cross body bag

CHLOÉ Yellow Pixie nano suede cross body bag

Price: US$990.00
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This nano Pixie is no bigger than an average hand but if you’re thinking it’s no use because of its size, you’d be surprised at how many dressy events you can wear it to and compliments you get because of it. 

  1. CHLOÉ Gold Nile Small Leather Bracelet Bag

CHLOÉ Gold Nile Small Leather Bracelet Bag

Price: US$1,815.00
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The small Nile’s charm lies in its size that looks just as big as the circle top handle that it comes with. The metal handle is also there to slip your arm through when you get tired or just holding it with your hand. This metallic gold leather bag also comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap. 

  1. CHLOÉ white Nile Minaudiere leather bracelet bag

CHLOÉ white Nile Minaudiere leather bracelet bag

Price: US$1,959.00
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Yet a smaller version, this Nile Minaudiere is just half of the previous Nile bag in situations when you only need money or cards and your phone to go out. A cute little patch pocket is attached at the back but the bag itself already holds a lot despite the small size because of the extra width. 

  1. CHLOÉ Blue Faye Leather Wallet Bag

CHLOÉ Blue Faye Leather Wallet Bag

Price: US$795.00
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When you’re out and about, a wallet that you pull out of your bag seems like a practical move until you buy food and you rush to get your change into your wallet and your wallet in your bag before people start complaining for the delay. That won’t happen with this wallet bag that comes with a shoulder strap. Everything’s easy to reach and it doesn’t take your hand to hold it. 

  1. CHLOÉ small Nile bracelet bag

CHLOÉ small Nile bracelet bag

Price: US$2,150.00
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Considering the fast pace of the fashion industry, the Nile bag is already old but not yet (more like, never) out of style. We’ve surpassed the hype for the solid-colored versions of this bag and now, especially at this pre-spring and summer time, all eyes are on this Nile bag with the notable boho print.

  1. CHLOÉ Faye wallet on strap

CHLOÉ Faye wallet on strap

Price: US$2,090.00
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This Faye wallet bag is much bigger than other pieces on this list but we have to conclude with this multi-functional bag that will surely strike your fancy. The exterior is decked with a colorful print framed by white perforated leather but the real attraction is the inner compartments protected by cushioned suede. When you have this with you, your belongings will be the least of your worry when you go out.

These bags go so well for those with a free-spirit, easy-going, and low-maintenance attitude and lifestyle. They don’t have much use if you’re looking for an everyday bag but these will be the break from those heavy bags that keep weighing you down. Get one and see how fun it is to enjoy being out when you don’t have much to carry.

Chloe brown suede bag before Max Mara fashion show - Milan, Italy
Chloé brown suede bag before Max Mara fashion show – Milan, Italy. Credit: andersphoto

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Featured image credit: Gray Chloé leather bag before Alberta Ferretti fashion show in Milan, Italy. andersphoto

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