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7 Best-Selling Chloé Espadrilles for Women

Best-Selling Chloé Espadrilles for Women

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

The moment you see espadrilles coming at you from every fashion house, it’s a sign that summer is coming. Consider this list one of those signs because these rope-soled shoes are getting us excited about sunshine days under the palm trees at the beach. It’s never too early to dream or wear these Chloé espadrilles. 

  1. CHLOÉ Lauren wedge espadrilles

CHLOÉ Lauren wedge espadrilles

Price: US$660.00
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The rope-soled espadrilles started off as a humble flat. And until the ’70s, we never really saw them wedged. Now, Chloé has really captured that wedge espadrille style as their own in this pair. The scalloped edges, a signature of their Lauren shoes, go well with the blush pink suede and gold buckle. 

  1. CHLOÉ Lauren scalloped suede and textured-leather espadrille platform slides

CHLOÉ Lauren scalloped suede and textured-leather espadrille platform slides

Price: US$575.00
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Still another variation of the Lauren shoes, this platform espadrilles give way for all the attention to focus on the exaggerated thick roped sole. While that’s happening at the bottom, scalloped straps made of suede and black grainy leather create a slip-on slipper style on top. 

  1. CHLOÉ Lace-up canvas espadrilles

CHLOÉ Lace-up canvas espadrilles

Price: US$650.00
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Sneakerheads don’t have to miss out on the espadrille fun this summer with these lace-up espadrilles. The platform sole is made of stacked candy-colored rope while the upper is of white canvas and neutral-colored suede trim. Exaggerated white cotton laces finish off these shoes as they make princess-like ribbons on top. 

  1. CHLOÉ Harper espadrilles

CHLOÉ Harper espadrilles

Price: US$520.00
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The Harper espadrilles is the perfect example of a happy medium. It makes an equal compromise of all the styles we like for our shoes: flats, lace-up sneakers, and slides all in one. The comfy flat shoes cover your entire foot with pastel blue suede and white cotton laces tied in a ribbon at the end while the peep toe detail allows you to show a perfect pedicure. 

  1. Chloe Lauren Scalloped Espadrille Flat

Chloe Lauren Scalloped Espadrille Flat

Price: US$495.00
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If you’ve fallen head over heels for Chloé’s Lauren ballerina flats, we’re sure the espadrille version will hit your soft spot. It’s almost a duplicate of the flats only with rope soles and slip-on style upper. This mustard suede material is for this summer but soon, you’ll want it in every color it comes in. 

  1. CHLOÉ stacked sole espadrilles

CHLOÉ stacked sole espadrilles

Price: US$650.00
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The aforementioned lace-up espadrilles won’t appeal to everyone but its colorful stacked soles would. This almost-slip-on pair adapts the same elements like the cotton laces and suede and canvas upper but makes it a buckled sandal with a peep toe and a heel strap. 

  1. CHLOÉ Harper lace-up suede espadrilles

CHLOÉ Harper lace-up suede espadrilles

Price: US$690.00
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It’s fun to see an abundance of espadrilles in stores both online and offline. That usually means the lazy days of beach bumming are coming. While that is the vibe of these summery shoes, this lace-up wedged Harper pair is more on the dressy side while retaining that easy breezy feel. Switch up your pointed toe pumps with these peep toe to perfectly frame your newly pampered toes.

From wedges to the platform type, espadrilles have come a long way from its origin that is the flats. These shoes, whether flat or higher above ground, are made for walking with the soft, chunky rope sole. And with the comfort aspect achieved, Chloé’s boho aesthetic completes everything.

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