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8 Extremely Adorable Chloé Women’s Shorts

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September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

You read that title right. Shorts can only mean one thing: it’s summertime! Not yet exactly, but it’s close and you know it. We’re sure we’re not the only ones excited for the warm weather and sunshine seasons. Chloé should be on top of your list when it comes to your summer wardrobe. When it comes to their shorts, we did all the work and listed down everything you might want to get. 

  1. CHLOÉ ruffled hem shorts

CHLOÉ ruffled hem shorts

Price: US$796.00
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A true summery piece, these shorts incorporates the best of what summer shorts could offer: ruffles and colors. The black background emphasizes the popping rainbow splatter print as the ruffled hem brings even more life to it. 

  1. CHLOÉ Wool-blend shorts

CHLOÉ Wool-blend shorts

Price: US$1,395.00
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We hold a deep obsession for trousers all year long for their versatility. Always comfortable, never out of style, and appropriate for professional and casual settings. These shorts remind us of that, especially for their impeccable tailored look. Switch your favorite trousers out with these shorts for an after-office attire. 

  1. CHLOÉ coated denim shorts

CHLOÉ coated denim shorts

Price: US$790.00
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Expect denim shorts to be on every girl these coming months. Even with the rarest wash, you’re bound to meet someone with a similar piece. These coated shorts have the same structure and appearance as denim shorts, only with a glossy gold color that makes the casual shorts elegant. 

  1. CHLOÉ pegged shorts

CHLOÉ pegged shorts

Price: US$420.00
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Chloé’s pegged shorts provide a light and airy cover-up for your legs that also attract attention from the movement made by the loose fit and pleats on the front. The light pink color, asymmetrical hem, and adjustable strap on the rear that looks like a ribbon are all details aligned with Chloé’s aesthetic. 

  1. CHLOÉ Flared denim shorts

CHLOÉ Flared denim shorts

Price: US$795.00
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A different shade of denim can only do so much to let you have a rare piece but when you put a varying style to the mix, you get this pair of flared shorts. We bet you never imagined an A-line silhouette for skirts could be flattering on shorts but this shows otherwise. 

  1. CHLOÉ colour block shorts

CHLOÉ colour block shorts

Price: US$920.00
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These shorts probably look familiar to you as swimming trunks men wear at the beach. But these Chloé shorts are where fashion’s boundaries blur. The above-the-knee length may not be your usual silhouette but the color-blocked design and ribbon at the sides will reinstate your feminine side. 

  1. CHLOÉ Asymmetric cady shorts

CHLOÉ Asymmetric cady shorts

Price: US$1,095.00
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Skorts are simple and basic in essence but they’re probably one of the most genius fashion creations all women could be thankful for. These asymmetrical-hemmed Cady shorts look demure because of the clean-cut details but for all the show, it’s extremely comfortable and convenient. Wear it with thigh-high boots while it’s still somewhat cold for maximum effect. 

  1. CHLOÉ embroidered trim tailored shorts

CHLOÉ embroidered trim tailored shorts

Price: US$320.00
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Like the wool-blend shorts, this pair of shorts are tailored similarly but with a longer length and a contrasting embroidered pompom trims amidst the blend of viscose and acetate materials on the exterior.

Save some space in your closet from your spring cleaning for these shorts because these are the ultimate pieces you wouldn’t want missing from it. From classic to trendy, these shorts are bound to be the next pieces to make a show on your Instagram feed.

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