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Tom Ford is a name that’s easily recognizable nowadays. His fame can be traced back from when he was the Creative Director of Gucci, where he reinvented the brand into a more captivating label that appealed more to its target audience. His experience of being in charge of all designs—from clothing to perfumes, to store and advertising—he definitely earned valuable experience that he used to catapult his own brand up into the top notch and most profitable luxury fashion and beauty brands.

The Fashion Giant

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After leaving Gucci, Tom Ford started with a personal project: a book that captured all his accomplishments carrying his own name. With the success of the book and his continued passion for fashion, he created his own eponymous brand that immediately gained momentum towards success. The brand was unstoppable in releasing collections after collections and expanding into different realms until it became a global brand with more than 100 retail stores all over the world.

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By 2005, Tom Ford started to launch diffusion lines, starting with a few beauty and eye wear collections. It chose great collaborations with Marcolin and Estée Lauder for eye wear and beauty, respectively, and from there it didn’t go anywhere but up. By 2006, the brand opened its fabulous flagship store in New York City, catering to luxury menswear alone.

Starting the Beauty Line

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Tom Ford Beauty started with just a release of a bold signature fragrance from the brand, the Black Orchid. It was quickly followed by the launch of a luxurious collection with a private blend of scents that appealed to connoisseurs, further making noise in the luxury beauty world. By 2010, the brand started releasing its lip color collection which was, like the perfume collection, a private blend. The mind-blowing sales of the lip collection resulted to an even bigger collection, complete with makeup, skin treatments and fabulous colors that are just too irresistible to pass up on.

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With the various formula and colors of the brand’s items, it gets inspiration from the true understanding of the face structure—filling in what’s needed to achieve the perfect beauty that could sweep people off their feet. And who doesn’t want that, right?

Grand Tom Ford Beauty Store

In a true Tom Ford fashion, the brand didn’t just blew us away with their stellar makeup collection. Tom Ford Beauty put up a grand and fabulous store that just can take away somebody’s breath with just a quick sight of it. It is totally what one could expect from Tom Ford—it has LED screens with beautiful light all around and a concept that cptures “over-the-top glam”. Fragrances, makeups and skin products have been strategically placed to entice customers, perfect for the makeup-searching souls that are always thirsty for more of Tom Ford Beauty.

Tom Ford BeautyThrough the past years, we’ve seem Tom Ford step up its game in the field of luxury beauty. The brand and the designer did not get contented on just releasing a few items with a good quality—they ensured that everything was at its best. No wonder Tom Ford Beauty is one of the fastest growing and most famous brands of today, and a promising luxury beauty label for decades to come.

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