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We always want our skin to look smooth, soft, clear and radiant. Being the largest organ of our body, taking care of our skin has become a ritual for us especially for women. Because of this, we have developed and maintained a skin care routine that we invest on. Spending time and money searching for the perfect regimen and products does not even matter if it means our skin will get the best skin food it deserves. After all, a beautiful vibrant skin is one of the best asset we can have.

Lucky for us, Sisley Paris understands our needs, a company who revolutionized the field of cosmetics and skin care products. The very first skin care company who believed that plant science is the answer in developing the most effective and the safest skin care products and cosmetics for people of different skin types and needs.


Hubert d’Ornano

Sisley Paris was founded by Hubert d’Ornano in 1976, the company has always been family owned and operated. Since the brand’s inception they have become one of the world’s leading expert in skincare, makeup and perfume industry. A real genius in the field, d’Ornano has also founded Orlane before Sisley and his father is a cofounder of Lancôme. With such background, Sisley has been under the hands of a real skincare expert from the very beginning.

It was Hubert d’Ornano’s firm belief that plant science is going to be the future of skincare and as it turns out—he was right. High-active ingredients from plants are highly beneficial to our skin. So, Sisley was built based on phytocosmetology, wherein skincare products and cosmetics are created from plant extracts. The brand also seriously pioneered in phytocosmetology and dedicated time and research to source out highly effective ingredients extracted from plants. This innovative idea made the company one of the leading experts in the field of skincare and cosmetics today. The company has become known world-wide as one of the most prestigious beauty brands.


Sisley Skincare
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Real experts when it comes to the area of skincare products, Sisley showcases a complete line of exceptional skin care products that matches different skin types and created solutions for some of the most common skin issues. Their skincare line consists of high-end hydration and anti-aging cream and serum, sun protection, makeup removal, hair care and a lot more.

A long and arduous process is usually done to come up with Sisley’s skincare products, some even reaching up to 10 years. The Sisleÿa’ L’Integral Anti-Age took that long to manufacture because the brand only wants the perfect final product to reach its clientele. And they surely did. This Anti-Age garnered positive review and praises for its effectiveness after consistent use.


Highlighting an innovative line of luxury cosmetics, Sisley make-ups does not only help you elevate your look but it also help protect and restore your skin to its youthful glow. The brand ensures that the topmost quality of ingredients go to each product, not only to temporarily beautify you, but leave a lasting nourishment and skincare as well. Many beauty experts swear by their pieces, including their long-lasting mascara and lusciously colored lipsticks. Included in Sisley’s beauty collections is their launching of a brush line, with synthetic makeup brushes that are soft to the skin and perfect for every application.

Perfumes & bodycare

One of the most prominent specialist in French Perfume industry, Sisley is driven to give its customers high-end perfumes that will enable them to express their personality and individuality. Included in this line re their top collections of perfumes ranging from fresh, lively, and floral scents, to more romantic, sexual and sexy smells. The brand also offers scented candles to let rooms and homes have that perfectly calming aroma each time.

Sisley also expanded their product collections to include bath and shower gels, soaps, deodorants, body creams, and many others—a real treat to those who adore their scents.


Sisley Haircare
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Just very recently, Sisley ventured into formulating and releasing haircare products. Because what is woman’s beauty when she has a sad crowning glory? A main feature of the haircare line is that all of its products are sulfate-free, ensuring that the cleansing, fortifying, and growth-enhancing that happens within your hair are safe and 100% beneficial to every strand. A complete care package is offered by this line, which includes a shampoo, hair mask, hair serum, and hair care oil for a total pampering of your hair from roots to tips.

Sisley has developed an international influence because of their hi-tech and effective beauty products. Because of this, the company has spread across the world’s five continents and is present for more than ninety countries. Its history and widespread influence are a testament that Sisley is a brand that can be trusted. A global brand that remains true to its identity and roots. Their reputation is known for creating and developing the finest beauty products that are really of high quality.

For three generations of experience, it is better to entrust your akin with experts like Sisley. A brand dedicated in producing high quality cosmetics, perfume and skin care products best suited for our skin. A company built on strong family values, Sisley truly knows what exactly it is that we want and at the same time gives us what we need.

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