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People are all different—varying nationalities, ethnicities, values, needs and one of the most common and obvious difference would be our skin color. There is a wide spectrum of skin tones that all are beautiful in their own way, but let us all face it, most cosmetics brand only cater to white or lighter skin tones. Although there are already cosmetic shades or colors made for darker skinned people, there is still a lot of more to improve on in making beauty products which are specifically crafted for darker skinned people at the onset. This is one apparent gap in the beauty industry that SAHI Cosmetics filled.

Own your color

Sahi Cosmetics was founded by Shelly Sahi in December 2015 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Shelly is a certified brown girl, as she calls herself, considering that her parents are from Bangladesh. Shelly having a different skin color has found it difficult in finding make up shades that work really well with her “medium” skin tone. It was that dilemma that brought her the idea to provide women with the right undertones for their skin, as well as other products to complement diverse skin complexions of people of color. Hence, the birth of SAHI Cosmetics.

SAHI Cosmeticsis the first cosmetics brand solely committed to ethnic skin tones. The company prides itself with its work with people of color—from the onset of formulating its cosmetics in its product research and development stage, to product testing itself. The company’s tagline “Own Your Color” could never be more perfect. It empowers people of every color and background to be confident and proud of their ethnicities. As a bonus, any of the manufacturing process of the brand does not include any animal testing, making the company certified cruelty-free too.

Presently, SAHI Cosmetics has a full line of beauty products to enhance the eyes, face and lips namely: concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lipstick and many more.

Velvet finish diamond foundation

Sahi Cosmetics Velvet Finish Diamond Foundation

One of the most loved product from SAHI Cosmetics is its Velvet Finish Diamond Foundation. Why? The foundation has been expertly crafted to match ethnic complexions and undertones. With such feature, it is the perfect go to foundation for women who seem to only find a shade lighter or darker that theirs; or some who tend to look ashy or yellow with any foundation choice there is in the populaar market.

This foundation is formulated to be lightweight, breathable and non-sticky for medium/high coverage that also has pore-minimizing quality. It also contains Soft Focus Pearls for that picture-perfect shot, as well as sun protectants. And it comes in a really really fancy diamond shaped container too.

Private blend liquid lipstick

Sahi Cosmetics Private Blend Liquid Lipstick

One must-try and definitely buy item from SAHI Cosmetics would be its Private Blend Liquid Lipstick in Kajol. It is a highly pigmented, long-lasting and waterproof lip wear that is guaranteed to last the day no matter what you eat or drink. It contains special oil blend and polymer to take the natural hue of every lips, has smooth creamy texture when applied and dries to an almost invisible feel. This particular lip color in vivid red just suits everyone no matter what complexion one has.

Mystic primer + serum

Sahi Cosmetics Mystic primer + serum

Sahi Cosmetics Mystic Primer + Serum that comes in a tube is also one product to watch out for this Spring. It is a fast-acting primer and serum in one that reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes as well as brightens dull skin with Niacinamide. This product also hydrates the skin making it look more supple and plump. It also contains grapefruit extract and other antioxidants for healthier skin.

SAHI Cosmetics for all

With over 7.6 billion world population, there is the “medium-colored” people that have been overlooked for a long time by the beauty industry. These are the men and women of color and everyone else in between. These are Latinas, Arabics, Mediterraneans, Indians, Asians and more who have been looking for beauty products that will complement and enhance the beauty of their varied skin tones and complexions.

SAHI Cosmetics has come along way to make people of every color and ethnicities feel proud and confident in their own skin. And it doesn’t get any better than accentuating your true skin color with products that are safe, effective, and true matches for you. With its continued goal to produce more products for a wider range of women, SAHI Cosmetics wants everyone to always remember: Be confident. Be You. #OwnYourSkin

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