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Luxury is all about being your best self and the tools you need to achieve that. It entails the best-tailored clothes, the shiniest accessories and the most fragrant of scents. Such are what constitute the luxury business today—the very finest products in the world, created by the best in the business, to help one look like a million bucks. An often forgotten part of the market, however, is cosmetics. Because they’re not as concrete as a handbag or a wallet, they’re not usually referred to as luxury goods even though they’re worth every penny. Some of the finest cosmetics brands in the world, like Oriflame, help people look their utmost finest… and a lot more than that.

Oriflame is all about wellness and self-care. Their products help people attain the best skin, smell their most fragrant, and simply be their healthiest selves. Made out of the finest materials known to man, their products rejuvenate the body in more ways than one. They also have their own makeup selection, which accentuates a customer’s features, bringing about numerous beauty looks one can experiment with. Whatever trends in makeup that may be hot right now on the runway or on the street, Oriflame can keep up with them with their high-quality items.

Swedish roots

Sweden is known to have some of the most good-looking people in the world. Swedes have soft skin and shiny hair that make them stand-out in any environment. They’re the envy of almost every other race and nationality for their effortless beauty. With this in mind, brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick started a beauty and wellness brand that will help any other person achieve the Swedish brand of Scandinavian good looks. They established Oriflame, named after the medieval royal banner of France, in 1967. In order for their label to reach a wide pool of consumers, they hired sales consultants to go door-to-door in their native land to introduce their products.

Today, having become one of the leading brands in the cosmetics and well-being market, Oriflame employs over thousands of sales consultants from across the globe. Adapting their first system during late 1960’s and 1970’s, people from Peru, Russia, and Indonesia are going door to door to sell the high-quality products of Oriflame. They’ve also built a foundation of Swedish cosmetics that help highlight a person’s best features. Through Oriflame, it’s now possible that the coveted Scandinavian beauty is attained by people all over the world, no matter the race or nationality.

Sweet and seductive scents

Oriflame Lipsticks

Oriflame believes that smelling your best is tantamount to looking your best. They offer a bevy of products that help lighten up one’s scent, be it a perfume, moisturizer, or bath accessories. Their array of fragrances include such titles as Possess (touches of ylang-ylang), Paradise (notes of jasmine and spicy rosé pepper), and My Destiny (mix of patchouli and peony scents), that all mystify and seduce. They also offer antiperspirants and deodorants so that your natural scent can still emanate without offending anybody. Even with just a whiff, one can already understand the luxury of having to smell amazing, all with the help of Oriflame’s premier perfumery.

Men’s grooming

Oriflame Men

Cosmetics are usually geared towards women, hence Oriflame’s roster of products all cater to the female body and her needs. But the Swedish-based brand also understands that men need help with grooming too, and are as lucrative a market as women are. Amidst their selection of women’s cosmetics are grooming items to help men look their best selves. They have shaving foams to help achieve smooth and clean-cut skin and moisturizers to keep that masculine softness. They also offer a series of hair care for the hairs beyond the head, which many men have in other parts of their body.

Baby beauty and care

Since they have the softest and most sensitive bodies in any market, Oriflame also caters to young children. They have a series of products to help and teach children the value of grooming and keeping clean to look your best. One of them is their shower cream, aptly named “Loving Care,” which has a pH-balance formula to keep kids’ skin soft and healthy. Infused with natural almond-milk, children will also be smelling their sweetest even after just one bath. Oriflame also offers toothbrushes to ensure that kids’ teeth will be their cleanest and healthiest every night. Finally, the Swedish brand’s “Sun Zone” lotion will protect children’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun as they go about and play outside.

Fine jewelry

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Through the years, Oriflame has been diversifying their roster of products to reach an even wider consumer audience and cater to their needs. Now that they’re known as one of the finest cosmetics and wellness brands in the global luxury market, they started venturing into other areas, particularly fine jewelry. To help people shine even more, the company has launched their own line of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, all inspired by the beauty of nature. Whether it’s the beautiful pair of patchouli petal earrings or the elegant butterfly wing necklace, their pieces accentuate the beauty their cosmetics help people attain.

Oriflame exemplifies that luxury is all about looking and feeling one’s best. Their products help their customers experience the best rejuvenation and replenishment of their inner and outer beauties. Beyond the materialistic approach of a multitude of other luxury brands, Oriflame takes care of the clients themselves, catering to their needs for a healthy and beautiful life.


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