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Do we really need an introduction to Oribe? Chances are, you already know the huge luxury hair brand that’s the go-to label for anything hair-related. But do you know about the colorful background of this hair empire? I bet you don’t—so our quest for the colorful story behind the brand start right now.

From A Cuban Bad Boy to A Hair Legend

For those wondering where Oribe got its name, it’s from the “bad boy” from Cuba who made his own name in the fashion industry: Oribe Canales. He is a well-known hair maestro and stylist who has been a major player in the fashion industry for the past 30 years; and his work with huge names like Steven Meisel and Francois Nars gave rise to the supermodels we know today, like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss.

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His work has wowed crowds from various high-fashion runways and has been printed on the most prestigious of magazines in the entire world. But he is fondly remembered for having brought back the wig in the late 1980s, reminded people of the wonders of rollers and became adventurous with bold colors. It led him to a collaboration with Gianni Versace in the 90s and the creation of his own Oribe Agency that represented forefront names in the industry.

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Afterwards, he moved on to focus on another kind of spotlight: celebrities. J.Lo herself tried finding Oribe as her fame grew in the late 90s, while Kate Moss became Marilyn Monroe for W Magazine through Oribe’s efforts with Marcus and Mert in the 2000s.

Oribe’s continued excellence in his craft and his partnerships with the biggest brands and agencies in fashion and Hollywood eventually opened an opportunity for him to open his very own salon and hair care brand.

The Luxury & Fragrance of Oribe Hair Care

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Finally in 2018, Oribe decided to express his love for glamour and translate his impeccable hairdressing skills through a collection of hair products that were made from the best ingredients and made with the latest hair technology available—and this became the official beginning of the brand Oribe.


The hairstylist’s influence definitely brought the luxury haircare brand into a huge stage where it flourished. Together with co-founders Tevya Finger and Daniel Kaner, Oribe created a new category in the hair care world, building up an award-winning brand that has a mark of excellence and utmost best performance acknowledged by its customers. Hair care formulations of the brand were crafted with the aim of being the best in the market, which resulted to a line of highly luxurious and effective products: sprays, oils, gels, shampoos, masques, and moisturizing cream—you name it, Oribe got the best of it.

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While the performance of the formulation is highly sought, another remarkable thing that kept customers coming back for more was the divine fragrance of the products. Aside from being cruelty-free, gluten-free, added with UV protection and safe for colored and keratin-treated hair, the products have a fine fragrance in them that was especially made for the brand by Côte d’Azur. Through this, Oribe is able to distinguish itself as a true glamorous and luxurious hair care brand.

Oribe Magic In Other Products

In the recent years, Oribe has ventured out into the larger beauty world with products ranging from fragrances, skincare and makeup, plus hair accessories and tools. Some of the well-known skincare products of the brand include Côte d’Azur soap, Côte d’Azur Replenish Body Wash, Balmessence Lip Treatment, and Radiant Drops Gold Face Oil.

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For makeup, Lip Lust Crème Lipsticks, Illuminating Face Palette and The Lacquer High Shine Nail Polishes lead the pack. But of course, the real treat are the hair tools that pair well with the forefront hair products of the luxury brand, including round brushed that ranges from $170-185, a barette and a hair pony.

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