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We have come to love NARS for its sensually-named products that marked their way into makeup history for their topnotch quality. From Sex Machine, to Orgasm, to Deep Throat, we have been hooked with the luxury brand’s identity. Needless to say, we’ve been seduced.

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All these ideas came from the one and only François Nars, the founder of the brand and the heart and brain behind the sensual theme of the brand, which aligns with his belief that makeup is supposed to be sensual. Whether you agree or not to that belied, it’s hard to resist the fabulous products of the brand—especially if you’re a certified makeup junkie.

Before The Creation Of The Influential Brand

Before NARS has blown up internationally with various items across all aspects of makeup, the man who created it was just dreaming of entering the fashion scene way back when he was young.

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François Nars knew first about makeup from his mother and two grandmothers, one of whom he considered as a makeup junkie. But back then, he already knew that he would have a place in the fashion world someday, he just doesn’t exactly know how. With that in mind, plus his idea that make up should not be a “mask” but a way to accentuate the beauty of women, he set off to Paris.

He enrolled in Carita school of make-up because of one main thing: there was a makeup artist teaching there who also worked in magazines. That was a huge dream from Nars—and later on, he got his own chance to work with French magazines. A big break opened up when he got to work for an American Vogue shoot back in 1984 and was given the chance to go to New York and work with biggest names in the magazines that time.

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After moving to New York, Nars’ career just naturally blossomed with the talent he has for catwalk makeup looks, as well as collaborative works with hair stylist Oribe and photographer Meisel. The trio would work on fashion stories together, which helped newbie models then like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss reach the super model status.

The 12-Lipstick Launch

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Because of encouragement from people around him and his dissatisfaction with what the makeup industry had at that time, Nars decided to launch his namesake brand in 1994. The luxury brand, NARS, started with just 12 lipsticks that were sold through Barneys and continued on to make huge sales until it expanded into a full makeup line with just the vision of its founder to make women beautiful through makeup with simple packaging.

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By 2000, Nars decided to sell the brand to Shiseido, with the impression of a glamorous branding of the Japanese company. He knew that it would keep his namesake brand safe, and he remained as the creative director as well. Just two years after that, another expansion came for NARS, with a venture to the skincare world by launching NARSskin.

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Iconic Products

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The love for the brand poured out tremendously through the impressive sales and fame of its high-end make up products. The iconic lipsticks that began the luxury brand’s journey were a huge hit, and afterwards, various lip pencils, dual-intensity eyeshadows, and blushes took the world by storm.

One of the most loved products of the brand is the iconic Orgasm blush, which was released in 1999. Later on it was tagged as the no. 1–selling blush in the U.S., and aside from that, the sensation it has created reached various countries around the globe and it has been awarded multiple times, too. The Radiant Creamy Concealer of the label, which is available in 10 different shades, is a favorite among those who want a seamless coverage in the undereye area for a bright look. The face isn’t only the only focus of the brand, with the NARS Monoi Body Glow Oil able to give a fabulous gold sheen to the body that will highly complement any glamorous makeup.


Other highly commendable products released by the luxury brand includes NARS Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella shade, which embodies the “bold” theme that the brand is always aiming for. The Sheer Glow Foundation, on the other hand, has a fantastic coverage that wouldn’t leave your skin dull and dry.

Indeed, François Nars has given the world a lot through his different roles as a photographer, an iconoclast, and of course as a makeup artist. But out of all his many accomplishments, the biggest one yet is undoubtedly the high-end makeup brand, NARS. The forward-thinking beauty vision of the man and his brand has created a remarkable mark in the beauty industry, and we continue to celebrate that through more than 500 doors of retailers, shops and pop up stores that offers NARS products.

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Image credits: NARS, Shiseido Group, Lifestyle Asia, ELLE Singapore.

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