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Luxury beauty products are often prized for their brand’s glamour. Yet for some of the current high-end brands of today, it is necessary to marry into the equation the value of research that goes into the product formulation, as well as the innovative and inventive qualities of their processes.

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Only a few can master such combination of science, luxury, and beauty, and if we’re to trust just one beauty brand to excellently execute such a delicate task, it would be Hourglass.


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A 21st Century born luxury brand, Hourglass was founded by Carisa Janes who is now acting as the label’s CEO. The core idea of the brand creation process was focused on modern design, active ingredients, and brilliant functionality when it debuted at Barneys New York. After a successful first phase of the brand’s history, other high-end retail stores had the brand’s products on display. Among those stores are Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, and Space NK.

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Later on as the brand grew into a worldwide sensation, it was able to open more than 500 stores in many countries all over the world. Hourglass flagship stores in NYC, CA and Venice also added to the glamour and fame of the brand, as they flaunt into their display more highly sought Hourglass products that are vegan and free from sulfates and parabens.

Special formulation and love for animals

Aside from the easily recognizable signature luxury of Hourglass, it also has an innovative fresh packaging that magnets people towards its shops and products. But what makes people come back for more goes beyond the packaging—it all lies in the innovative formulations and the brand’s stand against animal testing.

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For the special formulations of the brand, modern skincare technology plays a big role in ensuring that every product released by the brand is “of the future.” It is what the brand has always been about, and it aims to continue pleasing its loyal customers to bring out makeup that will give them a taste of a modern beauty all the time. It has been a known brand to support campaigns against animal testing, and it aims to bring out products that are only vegan by year 2020.

Only the best products

Infused with the ultimate high-end formulation and cutting-edge active ingredients, Hourglass can only offer products that are meant to make the skin look awesomely surreal. From a choice of modern hues, sensory-engaging textures, and glamorous packaging, Hourglass always surely captivates any beauty junkie—both professionals, experts, and newbies alike.


One of the most requested products from the brand is its Veil Mineral Primer, which is a favorite among make-up artists. Its impressive performance shocks people (in a positive way!) and earns admiration from all over the world as it minimizes pores, conceals redness, and keeps makeup fresh for all day long.

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When it comes to lip products, Hourglass’ Femme Rouge Lipsticks are to die for! They are some of the most lustrous and highly creamy lipsticks in the entire luxury beauty industry, and they never fail in moisture and color pay off. For those who would rather invest on lip products that concentrates on packing the lips with moisture to prevent dryness, the No. 28 Lip Oil is one product that would solve your most annoying problem. It has a richly concentrated formula that are added with vitamins, botanicals and other active ingredients that are applied to the lips through the gold-plated antibacterial tip. Truly, luxury at its finest!

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With the stellar performance of Hourglass’ products, it’s no wonder make-up artists and Hollywood celebrities choose it as the foremost brand to have in their makeup collections. With the cutting-edge technology of the brand and the ultimate beauty that their products bring, we’re sure to see more of this 21st Century-born high-end beauty brand in the next few decades.

Image credits: Hourglass, Plant Based News, On Makeup Magazine, Barneys New York (Youtube).

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