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Clear bright skin, plump pouty lips, and defined doe-like eyes encapsulate the basic Korean beauty parameters. With the Korean beauty wave captivating women all over the world, the demand for Korean cosmetics have drastically risen. A lot of brands are popping out of nowhere, releasing numerous products to choose from. Because of this, it is now a chore to pick out what is best for one’s particular needs, among these thousands of options.

Among the Korean brands that truly delivers and stands by its belief of producing up to date and high caliber products is Hera. Withstood by time and trends, the luxury brand has been showcasing the heart of Korean skincare and makeup for 23 years now. Named after the Greek goddess of women, it carries on top of the line makeup and skincare that either goes with the trend or creates it for women across all ages and skin types.

Hera promotes the idea of the ‘Seoulista’ beauty; the modern and charming girl of Seoul and emerging global beauty icon. With the ever-changing and dynamic beauty trends in Korea, Hera remains adaptive to cater to the needs of the Seoulista, with its regular releases of tints and enamels. Recently, it has also started releasing perfumes and scents in the market, to further build up its concept of a Seoulista gal.

Top products

The sleek and luxurious packaging of the brand spells prestige. The content also says the same, as brand never runs of out multi-awarded and best-selling list. Here, we summed up among Hera’s top makeup and skincare items that may be your next holy grail:

Hera Cell Essence

Does this sound or look familiar to you? If you are on board the Korean hype, you’ve probably seen this in an episode of the hit Korean television show My Love From Another Star. Jun Ji Hyun, the lead star of the television series, also the face of the brand was seen several times using this particular product in the show. Since then, the product sold like pancakes across East Asia. The product still lives on the hype up to this day, with women all over Korea and Asia repurchasing bottles of the essence.

This promises a moisturized, flawless, and clear complexion by reducing dryness, lack of elasticity, roughness, as well as elimination of dead skin cells. Hera says that this is made out of their Cell-Bio Fluid SyncTM 2.0 which is a ‘body fluid-mimicking solution’ that revives the skin’s radiant glow.

Hera UV Mist Cushion

Dubbed as one of the OG cushions in the Korean market, the Hera UV Mist Cushion has SPF 50 PA+++ has a fairly good amount of protection against the sun. The cushion foundation promises to create a ‘flawless and plump complexion’, suitable for those who are suffering from dull and lifeless complexion. The finish of this cushion is dewy and skin-like, with high coverage to create a healthy glow. Beauty bloggers have agreed that this product completely looks like skin up close.

Aside from enhancing the skin, this cushion is also packed with skincare properties as it comes with antioxidants that protect the skin from external damage. A cushion foundation that has skincare benefits? Now, that makes this product worth its price.

Rouge Holic Exceptional

Hera says that these lippies are what complete a Seoulista girl. Indeed, a makeup look isn’t without a pop of color through the face’s most expressive facial feature-the lips. The color selection of these vibrant and elegant lip poppers are some of the selling points of the brand. One of the best-selling shades of this line are 158 Rouge Dream which was worn by Jun Ji-hyun in her latest television drama Legend of the Blue Sea, which is a nude blush pink. Aside from the sensational shades that fit a variety of skin tones, the lipsticks are also non-caking and high in pigment.

Rosy-Satin Cream

This $100 face cream is said to provide a smooth and healthy canvas before makeup application, which might be a fit for those with dry skin. The inspiration behind this product is the soft and supple touch of a rose petal. It contains Hera’s ‘rosy-satin complex’ which regulates the turnover of dead skin cells. This helps with the renewal of the skin, making it look healthy and luminous. The cream, despite its steep price managed to be on the hit list of the brand because of its proven efficacy among its users.

Recently, Hera has been expanding in the Asian market as it recently opened a store in Singapore. There have been recent news as well on an upcoming store in Japan. With these recent developments, it looks like Hera isn’t too far from reaching Southeast Asia and North America as well, which will truly delight its customers in the foreign market.

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