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The grandeur and fame of Giorgio Armani isn’t news—it’s been out in the open for many years that “Armani” became a household name in the high fashion world. But such success wasn’t built on just clothes in the runway; Giorgio Armani built a whole empire that captivated the world. We have known Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, A/X, Armani Collezioni, Armani Prive, Armani/Dolci and of course, Giorgio Armani Beauty.

In Giorgio Armani’s World

Giorgio Armani Beauty 4The “World of Armani” is such a luxurious place, with the initial line of clothing catapulting the brand into a world-wide and lasting fame. Through the years the label has launched various diffusion lines that further established its superior taste in style—from kids’ clothes, fragrance, furnitures, restaurants and even hotels, Giorgio Armani proved its worth in the many fields of fashion and beauty it enters. Out of these, the beauty world has been one of the great successes of the brand, stemming from the initial launch of the first fragrances, Giorgio Armani beauty has become one of the most well-known high-end makeup brand in the world today.

Refined Glamour Progressing through the Years

Armani beauty isn’t about outrageous looks. On the contrary, it exudes a refined beauty that stems from the inside—it advocates accentuating each person’s unique beauty through its products. Launched back in the year 2000, the label partnered with L’Oreal to establish the cosmetic line that specifically began with ‘Armani’, one of the brand’s signature scent.

Giorgio Armani Beauty 1While L’Oreal distributed the first few products of the beauty line, Armani eventually got around to releasing its own beauty products with its own signature branding. Through various improvements in the process and formulation of the items, the lipstick for instance, the luxury label eventually became a legitimate part of the beauty world. Even Giorgio Armani himself is very hands-on in the beauty line, ensuring that the best option is selected for every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Iconic Makeup

Giorgio Armani Beauty 2A lot of Giorgio Armani makeup have surfaced as instant stars, yet the iconic Luminous Silk Foundation is one of the very few that stayed true to its original formula. For 15 years its formulation stayed the same, and it is still among the bestsellers of the brand. Another bestseller for Giorgio Armani is Linda Cantello’s ‘red carpet red’ in the shade #400 which is the top selling lipstick shade in the UK. Armani beauty made the choice even more interesting for their customers by providing options for different textures.

Giorgio Armani Beauty 3Another breakthrough product for the brand is the Eye & Brow Maestro, a multi-use product that can be used as an eyeliner, a brow product and as eye shadow. It can also be utilized for contouring and hairline touch-ups as needed, making it the ultimate ‘multi-tasker’ among all Armani’s products. And lastly, the Maestro Fusion Foundation, which took eight years to formulate, became a pioneer product in terms of skin perfector category.

Giorgio Armani BeautyThe brand that we loved in fashion has come to prove itself worthy of being in the beauty industry that it could easily be counted among the top luxury beauty brands today. The continued passion of the brand and its founder, Giorgio Armani himself, will surely bring the brand to greater heights in terms of makeup and other beauty products.

Image credits: Beauty Frizz, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Giorgio Armani.

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