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These three powerful words that describe Eyeko came from the founder of the brand herself, Nina Leykind, who was also tagged by the TIME magazine as “beauty industry veteran” and the “Mascara Queen.”  Now, that’s why it isn’t puzzling at all that her luxury makeup brand, Eyeko is one highly trusted label by beauty junkies all over the world, particularly makeup artists and celebrities.

The Mascara Queen’s Beginnings

Leykind has grown up in the beautiful city of London, where creativity and culture are vibrantly visible in every corner. Drawn to anything related to design, art, film, and fashion, she pursued Fine Art in her Bachelor’s degree concentration.

She eventually worked in Public Relations, representing lifestyle brands like Nylon Magazine, Hard Candy, Lee Stafford Hair, and Energy Brands. With such kind of work, Leykind was able to interact with different entrepreneurs who eventually became her mentors. Aside from that, she was able to do what she loved: promoting great products.

To top it all off, it was in PR that she was able to meet her partner both in business and in life, Max. He was the one who encouraged Nina to venture into creating new cosmetics products and later on, cosmetics lines.

Re-inventing Mascara With Eyeko

Nina started with a lip gloss inspired by Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) and received great response as it was sold globally to more than 1,000 stores. While that was Nina’s initial success in the makeup world, it was in eye makeup, particularly mascaras, that she found the niche she could really flourish in.

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Eyeko started sharing to the world its zero-waste mascara tubes in 1999, changing the mascara game for good. First, drying out isn’t a common occurrence in Eyeko’s mascaras and second, wasting of product is such a huge no-no. But the brand didn’t stop there—currently, it has lines of products for the lashes, the eyelids and eye brows to bring a fabulous look to its customers.

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Even fashion icons, such as Alexa Chung, have been impressed and became avid fans of Eyeko’s products. And after the initial meeting of Nina and Alexa, the latter eventually joined the brand in 2013 as its Creative Consultant.

Great Future Ahead

Eyeko took its makeup business up a notch when it opened the world’s first ever personalized mascara service: the Eyeko Bespoke. Eyeko put together a team of Lash stylists and Mascara Editors to advise customers on the best mascara for them, made custom in the store itself.  It has been a promising endeavor that was well-received by fans. As such, Nina plans to expand the Bespoke service further, and after letting it roll nationally, the brand plans to take it globally for the whole world to enjoy.

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Eyeko has truly marked its place in the luxury beauty industry, despite it focusing on a very specific beauty need: eye-enhancing makeup. But after building a good name for itself and spreading its greatness to 25 countries, Eyeko has indeed a promising future ahead.

Eyeko 2Image credits: The Lifestyle Edit, A Life With Frills, Dive Rewards, Eyeko.

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