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Elizabeth Arden has a reputation that’s comparable to that of the most common companies in the United States. It’s a familiar name especially to the older generation of women that has patronized the brand from its first few decades.

For the younger generations nowadays, Elizabeth Arden will probably be familiar because of the red door logo that trigger childhood memories from when you’d hang around your mom’s vanity table and find multiple face products bearing the intriguing logo.

Built more than a century ago, the brand has definitely surpassed the mainstream hype every new brand goes through, but it’s here to stay as one of the premium beauty brands that won’t rely on trends or temporary popularity among the majority.

Pioneer of the beauty industry

Florence Nightingale Graham

Florence Nightingale Graham, who goes by the pseudonym Elizabeth Arden, built the beauty brand in 1910. Originally from Canada, she braved the move to New York and built in the Fifth Avenue the first Red Door salon. In doing so, she simultaneously established the beauty industry in the United States.

An unpopular opinion at the time, Florence strongly stood by her belief that makeup is not for covering up women’s faces but to enhance their natural facial features. The brand soon adopted a mantra: “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman.”

With that, the brand introduced a set of new concepts and ideas about makeup like eyeshadows, makeovers, travel-sized beauty products, the Total Look which meant the lips, cheeks, and nails were all matching, and Total Beauty which reached more than makeup and skincare but also included nutrition and overall wellness.

All these were foreign ideas to people at the time, but Elizabeth Arden was the one to make it more common and normal. By the ‘30s, the brand has established Red Door salons in almost every major fashion city in the world.

Women empowerment

Elizabeth Arden
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Florence Graham’s belief and Elizabeth Arden’s company philosophy alone make the brand synonymous to women empowerment, but it was made official when it provided suffragettes the perfect bright red lipstick to match their uniforms and the boldness of their cause as they marched for their rights in 1912. More than that, statement lips became associated with women’s rights movements and as being an external source of confidence for women.

As a way to uphold this brand tradition, Reese Witherspoon, a vocal advocate for women’s rights at present, is taken on to be the brand’s Storyteller-in-Chief. Her strong personality matched that of the real Elizabeth Arden’s visionary ideas. Phrases like live with confidence and own your future were added alongside the brand’s mantra.

In her own way, Reese achieves the continuance of the essence of the brand and its founder by launching the March On campaign that provide support and celebrate women everywhere. The proceeds shall go to UN Women to make sure it keeps its promise, furthering the foundation of women empowerment and the founder’s entrepreneurial efforts leaning towards building a better world for women.

Sustainability and social responsibility

The brand keeps its focus on two areas of interest and initiatives: causes that empower women, especially providing confidence for those who’d been struck with cancer, and employing programs to make public educational programs more accessible for young people.

Elizabeth Arden’s compassionate attitude towards women extends to its environment and with everything that people share it with as well. As much as it considers it a big responsibility to help women either by their charitable acts or providing good products, the brand also has an allegiance to making everything around them work for the environment and not contribute to destructive corporate behaviors. This means committing to being cruelty-free, working to eliminate the need for animal testing, and reducing their carbon footprint, if not completely eliminating it, especially as a large company that could leave a deep impact.

Elizabeth Arden at present

The brand is one of the companies that’s been granted the Royal Warrant for at least 55 years. It’s been a provider of skincare goods for the Queen for that long, and some of her favorites include the Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Bold Red and the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, which is also a cult favorite.

As it holds this position, the brand is going nowhere far from being one of the top brands in the beauty industry. Beauty junkies and celebrity fans continue to believe in the brand’s original and developed products. And celebrities continue to partner with the brand to create fragrances that appeal to their respective fans. So far, the brand is focused on fragrances with more than 70 perfumes under its belt, and celebrity and pop culture icons and partners like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Usher.

With this kind of background, there’s definitely more to expect from the brand as it’s not about to be gone anytime soon. It’s sensible to turn those childhood memories into first-hand experiences of Elizabeth Arden’s products, especially the holy grail ones that everyone can’t stop recommending.

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