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Fragrance is magic. We don’t see it and feel it, but it can powerfully take us someplace else; someplace magical or reminiscent of the best moments of our lives. In just a whiff we are transported to our happy places or a memory with a loved one.

Fragrance is transformative. In just one spray we become attractive and irresistible; we become powerfully magnetic and memorable.

Diptyque 3Fragrance is Diptyque. And with the huge role of fragrance in our lives, it’s important to trust the right brand with the fragrance we use—a brand that can fully capture the realness of fragrance and the elements that make it amazingly mind-blowing. A brand like Diptyque.

Friendship intertwined with love for creativity

At 34 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, a group of three friends manifested their passion for creativity by opening up a shop. The shop was meant to be a place to display their creative works of all sorts—from Desmond Knox-Leet, an artist; Christiane Gautrot, an interior designer; and Yves Coueslant, a set designer and theater director. With their careers and competencies, they naturally assumed their specific roles, with Yves becoming the consultant and administrator, while the artistic side of the business fell on Desmond and Christiane.

DiptyqueThe shop turned into a unique stylish bazaar where pieces cannot be found anywhere—mostly were artistic gems in Paris. The pieces have been gathered and brought home by the three from their travel adventures, and their creative visions never failed to spot great items. By 1963, the trio decided to add candles to their display, and that started the launch of different brand for the shop and the company.

Diptyque fame

Aubépine, Cannelle, and Thé were the first three candles introduced under the name Diptyque. The three friends got the name from their store’s façade, specifically the windows there that created a diptych effect. After the success of the candles, they have released the first eau de toilette in 1968 named L’Eau. The unisex perfume with scents of clove, cinnamon and geranium has been well-received many people, especially as it was potpourri-inspired.

Diptyque 4From then on, fragrances for both home and people started making noise around town. It was easy to recognize a Diptyque fig leaf Figuier candle back then, as its popularity grown like the Philosykos eau de toilette.

Diptyque 5Even Karl Lagerfeld was rumored to have personally gone down to the shop to find a signature scent, right after his Chanel appointment. The blackcurrant Baies caught his attention—and soon enough, every Chanel store was stocked with that same scent.

Diptyque 1The success of the brand in the following years was affirmed by its first official collaboration with no other than the British-Spanish fashion designer John Galliano. Admittedly a fan of Diptyque, Galliano asked the brand to create a special mysteriously deep, heavy and warm fragrance for him. Later on, the Essence of J.G. was produced, with its unique dark bark, dried herbs, mellow musks and Russian leather mix of fragrant smells.

Best-selling Candles and fragrances

Diptyque’s candles are made into perfection by the use of first-class waxes. Wax experts blend the scent into the wax in the way that they would reach the perfect melting temperature. That way, the fragrance is fully released with its irresistible scent. Some of the best-selling candles of the brand include Diptyque’s Baies, a comforting and warm scent that covers an entire room or home with unbelievably awesome fragrance.

Diptyque 6Diptyque 7Another brand favorite is Figuier, which mean “fig tree.” Aptly named, Figuier captures all the elements of the tree, from its sap, to the leaves and up until the bark. Diptyque Roses, on the other hand, encapsulates the essence of a bouquet of roses—it is a scent that doesn’t go away easily too, so people can bathe into the wonderful fragrance of the candle.

Aside from the well-loved candles of the brand, Diptyque fragrances also became stars in the beauty industry. Some of their fragrances often rank on top of best women’s perfumes, and we know exactly why.

Diptyque 8The signature summer fragrance, Philosykos, for instance, has the beautiful scent of fig orchard during the middle of summer, adding notes of green leaves, wood, and soft purple fruits.

Diptyque 9Diptyque Eau Duelle, on a deeper note of scent, captures the warm fragrance of white vanilla and dark frankincense. And lastly, L’Ombre dans l’Eau eau de toilette, which means ‘a shadow in the water’, is an iconic fragrance due to its vibrant scents of Bulgarian rose and blackcurrant leaf. It is a classic scent added with a French floral twist, taking you into a fragrant surroundings of an English garden.

Today, Diptyque remains to be on top of the beauty industry when it comes to fragrances. It is a seasoned brand with such an intimate process that results to undeniably rich scents and irresistible fragrances. Diptyque has executed its work excellently that we all can’t help but to come back for more of the heavenly and ethereal fragrances that the luxury brand offers.

Image credits: Diptyque, The Beauty Look Book, Lily Like, John Galliano, A Model Moment.

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