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In the world of Western makeup, it’s all about creating drama and depth on each facial feature. Western women tend to go for a bold eye makeup look, chiseled cheek bones, and plump lips for a strong girl boss look that is timely for today women movement. Though makeup is valued as a strong beauty tool more in the Western side, little do we know that there an array of skincare gems in the luxury Western skincare scene too.

In the midst of the matte lip sticks and stick contours, French women remain devoted to maintaining flawless and radiant looking skin and natural looking lips to flaunt an effortless and charming appeal. Indeed, such look is never lost in time. French brands that are invested to this philosophy and one of the pioneers who believed in the beauty of a classic and sophisticated Parisian girl is By Terry.

Terry’s Journey

This luxury brand offers a fresh selection of skincare, makeup, and fragrances that is in line with the timeless and sophisticated beauty trademark of the French. This company was founded Terry de Gunzburg, who surprisingly first aimed to study medicine. She took a sudden turn to the world of beauty and became a makeup artist for models strutting down the fashion runways of Paris.

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As reflected in the By Terry products’ sleek and simple representation, de Gunzburg’s signature makeup look has always been simple too. By Terry described de Gunzburg’s style in makeup artistry as ‘imperceptible foundation, impeccable lips and thick, separated lashes.’ This became her continued perception for her craftsmanship in the years to come.

As she continuously toiled as a renowned makeup artist, she collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent as an International Makeup Designer of YSL Beauté. One of her notable conceptions was the Touché Eclat which debuted in 1992.

An Impeccable Brand

To further intensify her vision and artistry, she launched her own makeup company, By Terry in 1998. Built on her early foundation as makeup artist, the aim of the brand is to endorse beauty in simplicity by creating an ‘invisible complexion’ that is fresh and glowing. The brand became known as somehow like a couture beauty company, arranging custom makeup for women including foundation, among others.

By Terry

As the brand entered the market, there came a product that caught the attention of many. By Terry’s breakthrough moment happened in 2004, when they released the Baume de Rose. The lip balm helped the young brand at that time to solidify its spot as a luxury line. This goes to show that lips indeed play a crucial role in building up a polished and neat look. The Baume de Rose is said to be used by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Nude-Expert Stick Foundation

Up to this date, the brand continues to endorse its version of timelessness and classic in line with the modern trends. This year, By Terry released a makeup base that promises filter like skin. The Nude-Expert Stick Foundation is a half-foundation, half-highlighter stick that acts as a flawless base with a radiant finish. The foundation offers a sheer to medium coverage that is buildable while the highlighter gives a camera-ready radiance. Worry not, because this stick foundation-highlighter offers a wide and inclusive variety of 10 shades and guarantees that the formula works for all skin types.

The Nude-Expert Stick Foundation

The reason for this ‘filter foundation’? In the era of social media, de Gunzburg wanted selfie snappers to experience real life skin filters so that perfect complexion will not only be achieved on our smartphone screens. This stick foundation is indeed very useful not only because of its filter like finish but also its dual purpose. Perfect for on the go travelers!

Cellularose Brightening CC Serum Colour Control Radiance Elixir

Another dual use item is this skincare-makeup combination that By Terry takes pride—the Cellularose Brightening CC Serum Colour Control Radiance Elixir. Those with dry and dull skin might take refuge in this color-correcting and moisture-boosting serum that may act as a makeup base too! By Terry says that this has cell-renewing properties that boosts radiance and covers skin imperfection, further enhancing the natural glow of the skin. This CC serum has four available shades to choose from.

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Colourless Hydra-Care Powder

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Colourless Hydra-Care Powder

Not all powders necessarily always have to be matte and flat. You might be scared to apply because all your hardwork to boost the skin’s radiance might fade. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Colourless Hydra-Care Powder does not cover your skin’s radiance nor worsen your dull and dry skin. By Terry says that it has a ‘hydra-comforting formula’ that fills in the skin and plumps it at the same time through the hyaluronic acid infused in the powder. Another surprising fact is that this could be used for day and night, after foundation and skincare respectively.

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Image credits: By Terry, Luxe Magazine, Beautemia, The Beauty Lookbook, Okidoki.

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