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Is there any brand that comes to mind when talking about British elegance other than Burberry? Possible. But would they be your first thought before Burberry? Highly unlikely.

Burberry has been a defining brand that cemented the standards of British luxury up high on the scale, especially with its commendable success in the runway and fashion, as a whole. But as a brand that has a huge influence on how people would like to look, it didn’t stop in just clothing people with the best options for high-end clothing. Burberry went beyond that.

The Step to Beauty Expansion

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So when the brand announced in 2010 that it would be launching its own cosmetic line, many rejoiced. It meant one thing—there would be makeup and fragrances that would carry the sophisticated sense and style of Burberry, and who wouldn’t be delighted with that, right?

It was a decision that was influenced by one particular experience Burberry’s Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, who got frustrated with the colors of the makeup used in one of the brand’s runways. It was a disappointing experience for him that it compelled him to expand Burberry’s reach into the beauty world. It was also because he knew that such an issue happens not only during Fashion Week, but with real people in different circumstances as well.

Trenchcoat Inspiration

Burberry Beauty started strong—it released a total of 96 pieces with inspiration from the iconic trenchcoat of the label. How is that possible? Well, here’s the idea: the signature Burberry trenchcoat can be worn anywhere, anytime. Just like that, the pieces from the brand could be worn every day, for any situation or occasion.

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For the first campaign of Burberry, British superstar models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Donaldson and Nina Porter have worn Burberry trenchcoats while Mario Testino directed and shot the whole campaign. It was a powerful picture that captured the whole collection of the brand, composed of various pieces that include blush, bronzer, powder, liquid foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, and eye shadow.

Sophistication in Every Piece

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The journey to complete the first decade of the brand has been very successful for Burberry Beauty, with some of their pieces becoming favorites among makeup artists and celebrities. The Burberry Cashmere Foundation has a soft matte finish that has a velvet-like effect on the skin plus a sophisticated subtle glow. The Burberry Eye Colour Contour In Almond, on the other hand, makes eyeshadow application so easy, while the result is always glamorous.

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For the lips, Burberry Full Kisses In Coral Red And English Rose are the perfect daily wear to add just the right amount of color to your lips, giving them a full look without feeling tacky. The Eye Colour Cream In Nude Gold, on the other hand, gives that beautiful sheen on the lids, which is also buildable to suit your different levels of glam needs. And of course, even before there was ever a definitive beauty brand for Burberry, its fans have loved its fragrances. Some of the luxury fragrance favorites and bestsellers include the award-winning My Burberry and Mr Burberry.

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Burberry Beauty is getting closer to its 10th year anniversary, yet it’s seems like it’s just getting started on its growth, expansion and development. Just last 2017, it has announced its partnership with Coty to further accelerate Burberry Beauty’s improvement, so we’ll be expecting more awesome things from the label in the next few years.

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Image credits: Burberry, Barely The Beauty, Fashionista, The Lifestyle Report, Eternal Optical & Perfumery.

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